Mariella Trejos, Colombian actress who loves Peru and asks not to forget

Mariella Trejos Colombian actress who won the love of the Peruvian public with the numerous productions she presented in our country, from plays, classic soap operas and films. His last performances were There is a room in the background And That’s life.

about 6 years ago Mariella Trejos confessed Day D that nothing went well. He had no job and lived in appalling conditions in a modest room in Barranco. At the same time, she indicated that all she wants is to work, but, unfortunately, she was called only to offer her documents in exchange for 200 soles.

“I don’t have a pension, I don’t have a job. Am I living on friends’ charity? You could say yes,” he said through tears about it. “You can’t call me to the cinema for 200 soles, it’s unworthy of anyone,” said the artist with more than 50 years of experience.

“I don’t like crying to people (begging for help) because people end up running away from you,” he said. Mariella Trejoswho, in this memorable report, decided to break her silence and seek help for the first time because, despite the awards she received throughout her career, the state denied her a pension because she was not Peruvian.

Far from reproaching Peru for devoting so many years to it and getting no benefit in return, Mariella Trejos He indicated that his love is still present.

“My love for Peru is so great that I can’t even be disappointed in it,” he said through tears, emphasizing that when someone wants to criticize our country, he does not hesitate to defend it.

The actress was born in Cali but developed her career in Peru for over 5 decades. She fell in love and connected her life with Jorge Billoru, the manager of Editorial Losada and later one of the owners.

“He was separated, he had two children. I didn’t have children with him. He won me over with his culture and delicacy. True love is one that is born gradually, and I have been married to him for 36 years,” she told El Comercio.

Billora died of a heart attack, leaving the artist alone. At the same time, there is a lot of debt.

Years later, the 75-year-old actress made the news again after seeking help again. We didn’t see a strong woman again a few years ago, health Mariella Trejo he is very broken.

“I feel really bad, we insisted on an alliance, but the doctor didn’t come, I need help, it hurts a lot, I have bedsores and severe gastritis,” the actress said in an interview with the program “Good morning Peru.”

This plea for help was heard and, as can be seen from the news images, the needed help was sent. The mayor of Lima, Rafael López Allaga, sent staff from the Solidaridad Hospital to the address where the artist was received to be transferred to the Maria Rosario Araos municipal shelter.

“We found that our actress is a little weak but stable, she is being transferred to a shelter where a medical and specialized team is waiting for her to conduct an assessment,” said Dr. Giovanna Estrada.

Mariella Trejos she was carried on a stretcher. While the cameras filmed her, the actress tried to show her best smile and allowed herself to send kisses to her followers as a synonym for gratitude.

Through the network, users asked not to leave the artist and follow her from the shelter.

Actress Mariella Trejos was transferred to the SJM shelter by the municipality of Lima. Video: Pan American Television

He Ministry of Culture of Peru recognized her as an Honored Cultural Worker for her valuable contribution to the Peruvian theater. In addition, he has appeared in numerous films and soap operas. Between them:

1966 Dream of love

1967 damn

1968 son of the people

1969-71 just Mary

1970 abduction in the sky

1972 working women

1984 Carmine

1993 Avenging Angel: Caligula

1995 malice

1997 Vortex

1997 rich wiki

1999 Serrano Love

2000 little Star

2002–03 All about Camilla

2004–07, 2008 That’s life

2011 There’s a place down below

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