Mario Casas and Michelle Jenner worked together again after their love story in Los hombres de Paco.

They are two of the best actors of their generation and besides, they make a great couple! Mario Casas and Michelle Jenner have already worked together in “Los hombres de Paco” and now their followers are lucky enough to see them on the same screen again.

In a comedy starring Paco Tous. Mario and Michel gave life to Aitor and Sara and both starred in a romantic love story. In real life, the actors have maintained a close friendship, which also manifested itself in their new project.

Mario Casas and Michelle Jenner in Los hombres de Paco season 10.

‘Birdbox Barcelona’, the new film by Michelle Jenner and Mario Casas

Just 10 days ago Netflix premiered Bird Box Barcelona, ​​the sequel to the film starring Sandra Bullock, in 2018. and which is now run by the Pastor Brothers.

On this occasion, the apocalyptic world that we saw in the 1st movie, in which we had to escape from some strange creatures (and, for that, the characters moved blindly, blindfolded), comes to our country. The directors thought about what would happen in Barcelona during the 1st film, and, said and done: this is how “Birdbox Barcelona” was born.

Mario Casas winks cheerfully at his girlfriend Michelle Jenner.

Set to make his directorial debut with Alas, My Soledad Tiene, Casas is enjoying the success of this sci-fi film, which also stars his girlfriend Michelle and made Los hombres de Paco fans fall in love (once again).

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