Marlena makes Madrid vibrate by bringing out the brat she has inside with sold out included | Music

The good weather this weekend only asked for one thing: music. Madrid wanted to dance and Marlena knew how to give it a good dose. Carolina Moyano and Ana Legazpi have just released their first EP and are already touring Spain with their ‘1000 first times’ tour. A show that this Friday came to the capital hanging the sold out.

It was 9:00 p.m., the Sala Mon was packed and without being asked, the lights were turned off, any play of colors at that moment seemed to indicate the start of that iconic night. Faithful to their urban style and accompanied by their family in the standsthere they were, the Marlena.

Playing a remix of songs to the rhythm of Baby of the great Justin Bieber and following bad romance de la Gaga, gave the starting signal to what was to come. “Good night Madrid. My goodness, how many people,” said Ana’s powerful voice. And then, it began to sound Curiosity Date in view of an audience that proved to know the lyrics from start to finish.

A remix of songs without limit

“There are songs that have a first and last name, that you listen to and a person comes to mind,” said Carolina, responsible for putting rhythm to the melodies with her guitar, and that’s how it began to sound How beautiful you are After that huge success came the fan moment and a girl went up on stage who, together with Ana, made the audience’s hair stand on end.

It was the turn of one of the best known and most anticipated songs of the night and that made us take out the gypsy that we all carry inside to sing. But as they well anticipated at the beginning of the concert, that night they were going to play songs that had marked his career as Sergeant of iron of Morgan.

The Marlenas were back and now it was time to show our craziest side with little girl. When we were still recovering from that moment, it sounded Limited society. “This is being amazing. Who was going to tell us…”, affirmed the exhausted artist. He took a breath and with it his public and then it started to play crystal doll and a summer without you.

There was no doubt, Madrid was giving them the warmth that Carolina and Ana needed. Nil Moliner was not there, but yes, Walls accompanied them. After that, Ana wanted to dedicate a song to her parents that she had listened to in the car since she was little and whose title is everything she would want to say to her family: Without you I am nothing of Amaral.

After that, now yes, it was time to Nothing to say and it tastes bad, where he wanted to get closer to the public and got down to sing it with him. “Did you think we were going to leave without our dance? It doesn’t matter if you’re blonde or brunette…”, and yes, there it was bailamorena because that was over.

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