‘Mask Singer USA’ discovered an unmistakable musical icon of the 80s, with the help of ‘Shazam!’ from D.C.

The Masked Singer He was very comical in his fourth gala of the ninth edition. He guessing show de Fox proposed as a tribute to the superheroes of DC Comics and even with the presence of Helen Mirren and Zachary Levion the occasion of the premiere of Shazam! The fury of the godson a night in which the mask was unmasked Wolf of the edition.

Antena 3 intensifies the promotion of ‘Your face sounds 10 to me’ with the first images of the performances


Precisely the two stars were in charge of providing the key clues regarding the identity of said mask, which said goodbye to the audience after singing the Break on Through (to the Other Side) of The Doors.

Michael Bolton, the Wolf of the ninth edition

It was about Michael Bolton, the American music icon of the eighties and nineties, with two Grammy Awards to his credit and more than 75 million records sold. In the last decade he experienced a resurgence of his popularity, thanks to his collaborations with artists such as Kid Cudi, Justin Timberlake and kelly rowlandbut above all for being ironic with his own image in collaboration with the comic trio The Lonely Island, in the Netflix special Michael Bolton’s Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Specialas well as in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping.

Due to the characteristic of his voice, he made the researchers hit the target when betting. So much Robin Thicke (disguised, conveniently, as Robin) as Nicole Scherzinger (from Catwoman) and Jenny McCarthy (Harley Quinn) were right to name it, leaving only ken jeong (dressed as Enigma) by proposing Richard Marx as an alternative.

Bolton joins the list of celebrities unmasked in this edition. the mythical actor Dick Van Dyke he was the first to remove his mask, breaking the pageant’s age record at 97 years old. This was followed by the singer Sarah Evans (Mustang), comedian and presenter Howie Mandel (Lobster), the singer debbie gibson (Owl) and hip hop icon Grandmaster Flash (Polar Bear).

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