mayor and non-payment of dues to civil servants

Let’s start with three real examples that I managed to recognize, but whose names we will change. Alex, a public school teacher, is undergoing a medical check-up at Integram√©dica on March 25 to recover from a cold and make sure he has taken out additional insurance that includes his son. As he leaves, he is informed that his insurance is invalid because his employer has not paid it to the business, in this case Santa Lucia Medical Center. A similar incident happened to Herman, a public high school teacher who took out insurance from the FALP Cancer Institute so he could have peace of mind in case he or his family got cancer, but luckily nothing happened yet because Herman found out via email. mail that your employer did not pay insurance. Finally, Susana, an educational assistant, owes three installments of consumer credit that don’t count on the payroll, leading to problems with interest and late payments the worker has to pay.

Subsequently, all these people find that their contributions are not paid, but declared, that is, they must also pay private bonds, and then file documents with the organization to which they distribute their funds for health care. What these three have in common is that they all work in San Bernardo and their employer is the municipality.

Well, now let’s take a trip back in time, Christopher is a teacher and head of a teacher’s college, fighting for his rights, his colleagues and public education, then he was a union-backed mayoral candidate and leads a wonderful life. because he was elected. However, he will have to go through a crisis caused by non-payment of taxes and contributions of officials for more than five months. Faced with this situation, the teachers’ association and the San Bernardo United Educational Workers’ Union (SUTE) held a peaceful demonstration during a mobilization period that had already lasted 30 days.

Let’s analyze what was said in the previous paragraph, because it seems like a synopsis for the new season of The Replacement. The mayor of the commune of San Bernardo has published various messages on the social networks (private or public) at his disposal in which he accuses that violent demonstrations threaten the peace of the neighbors, and even calls for thinking about the students of the commune Yes! Mayor professor has the biggest crisis with colleagues. As if this is a black comedy, Professor White is in trouble because of his unprofessionalism in his own union. I will add one more information: tax and health care discounts are deducted from the wages of workers.

In a video uploaded to his Instagram on Friday, August 18, he calls his colleagues “radicalized workers” and again puts students on the table as the main victims, but none of them, neither students nor colleagues, are responsible for what happened. main problem. .

In all this atmosphere of discomfort and disappointment among the citizens, the mayor continued the celebration of the birthday of Bernardo O’Higgins on August 18 in front of the city hall, which included a parade with the students of the commune. While colleagues were demonstrating in front of students, the mayor retired to his office and asked the public order forces to dissuade his colleagues from violence. This is not the first time in these 6 weeks of mobilized workers that we have seen the action of a water cannon and a popular skunk, these have been tough days for the current administration to parade the departed education ministers. for problems in managing and administering resources. But that’s a topic for another column.

Finally, the mayor showed an image that was devoid of connection with the union of teachers and educators. Six weeks of unemployment passed, which became a serious obstacle to the education of the students of the commune; to the great detriment of fourth-grade high school students, who see university entry through the PAES as more distant than a month ago. Added to this are vague responses regarding the conditions for resolving the contractual issues mentioned in this column.

Let’s hope that in September, in schools, students will be able to perform traditional dances along with the entire educational community, eating empanada and mote con huesillo, with up-to-date quotes and instructions from former colleagues of the mayor.

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