Meet James Plaza, Beyoncé’s charming bodyguard.

This is James Plaza, Beyoncé's famous bodyguard.

This is James Plaza, Beyoncé’s famous bodyguard.

What do you focus on when you go to a Beyoncé concert? The singer, obviously. Following in his footsteps and literally humming the words. of course enjoy choreography. Admire you with your outfits. Are you focused on the bodyguard? Maybe you will. Only if he looks like James Plaza. And smile with the same charm.

It all started in early August, during the stadium tour of the Renaissance World Tour, which Beyoncé offers in the US. One of the fans who paid to be on the front line was filming the show when suddenly one of the stage guards posing for the camera.

It’s like a fairy tale. Beyoncé sang “Energy” up there, when he asked the crowd to keep quiet; the spectators present did so. He shut up. Then, below the stage, in front of a mobile camera, the man looked straight ahead, looking towards the audience, listening to the singer’s order, noticing the reaction of the fans and a tiny smile spread across her face.

A TikTok user showed off her investigative skills and found the security guard’s Instagram account, shared it along with the video, and turned James Plaza into the bodyguard every woman wants. Has anyone else thought of Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner, 1992, And I will always love you?

Unfortunately, not all of them will be able to fulfill their dream, because although we now know the real name and username of the subject in question, We do not have access to your social networks because you have blocked them.

Who is Beyoncé’s bodyguard?

James Plaza, Beyoncé’s bodyguard, is an independent security officer who has been working in the VIP private security industry since 2010. In addition to supporting Beyoncé on this tour, He is also a professional athlete and bodybuilder. participation in various competitions.

He has an Instagram account (which he made private after his identity went viral) and a YouTube account where he posts videos of his workouts.

Some media outlets had access to the account before the ban, which is why they claim that although the guard would like to compete this year, he will not be able to, because he is busy with other tasks that start with B and end with A world tour.

Those who followed the profile were also able to verify that James is a very successful professional athletewhich he proves with the medals he has won from the federations GBO, FMC and NFMUK.

Learn more about James Plaza

Although he doesn’t follow his usual routine right now, Plaza is trying to keep training. Men’s Health guarantees that Beyoncé’s bodyguard sang Rocky Steps. get to the doors of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, imitating Sylvester Stallone.

Alongside the photos, he wrote, “As a kid in a candy store, I grew up watching these movies, so don’t worry about me, I’m just living the dream.”

Beyoncé was in Philadelphia last July.

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