Meet this heart-healthy superfood

Our daily diet should always be as balanced as possible and include various foods that benefit our body. In certain cases, take by mouth So-called “superfoods” can be very beneficial for our health.

Superfood is the term for foods that are very complete, rich in nutrients, biologically active compounds and have a very high nutritional value. They bring numerous benefits to human health due to everything they contain.

One of those foods that have multiple benefits are pecans.a very energetic dry fruit with a high calorie content which, if we consume it in moderation, can give us protein, vitamins and healthy fats.

Study published in the journal Journal of Nutrients indicates that pecans and their polyphenols prevent obesity, hepatic steatosis, and diabetes by reducing dysbosis, inflammation, and increasing energy expenditure in a high-fat diet.

pecan nuts They have an antioxidant effect and contain monounsaturated fatty acids that help us lower our cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of certain cardiovascular or circulatory problems. In addition, these nuts are high in minerals such as magnesium, which is good for the brain and helps reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

They have a firm texture and a slightly bitter taste, which allows us to eat them as a small snack, and also include them in salads or in some recipes that allow nuts. They can also be included in low sodium diets as they They provide the body with many of the nutrients it needs.

In addition, pecans are low in sugar, so the fact that they are Eating them regularly will help regulate your blood sugar levels.. A 2018 study found that overweight people who took pecans for a month had an increased ability to use insulin, which is responsible for transporting sugar from the blood to various cells in our body.

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