Megan Fox ditch the sports cars to drive this…

The famous actress Megan Fox could drive all the types of cars you want, however, she has decided to put supercars aside to drive a model that is very different from these, of which today we will tell you the details. Slide and find out more!

His works as model and actress They have positioned her as one of the most famous and successful women of the moment, we are talking about Megan fox. The American has been on everyone’s lips in recent times for its alleged breakup with her fiancéthe musician Machine Gun Kelly. However, today we will talk about a different aspect about this couple, their taste for cars.

The actress of transformers has shown that he enjoys living a life full of luxuries, and for that decides to drive the most elegant and luxurious models of emblematic companies. Anyway, unlike your partnerwho drives all kinds of sports cars, Fox has no interest in driving those machines and keeps his own cars from his collection.

The artist known for Kells drives amazing machines like his Lamborghini Gallardo, a McLaren 720S and his luxurious Aston Martin DB11. Although the famous model has been captured above her couple’s cars, when it comes to driving, she prefers other models. As is the case with your Range Rover Sportshis bmw 535dor one of those who drives the most, his mercedes g-class.

It’s about a SUVwhich has 5 doors and is equipped with a V8 engine that manages to develop a maximum power of 416 horsepower. In addition, mark a time of only 5.9 seconds to reach acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h. Its value is estimated to be 130 thousand dollarsa not very worrying figure considering that it is a millionaire celebrity like Megan.

The future of this couple remains uncertain, the actress spoke about betrayals through her Instagram profile and then decided to close her account. However, He came back and clarified that there were no third parties involvedand they have even been seen leaving a couples therapy office. We will be vigilant about this relationship, and We’ll see if Megan Fox decides to switch to the supercar side some day.

Megan Fox drives a luxurious Mercedes G-Class.

The Mercedes G550 is worth around 130 thousand dollars.

The actress prefers the Mercedes G-Class over a sports car.

The Mercedes G550 is one of the trucks that the model drives the most.

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