Megan needs a divorce? The Duchess of Sussex is confident she will do better without Harry

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WhatMegan happy for you divorce with the prince Harry? The Duchess of Sussex seems to be watching good side part with her husband, as close sources indicated that she safe about what will be more successful without Harry. Does accurate finish urgently with your marriage? Some have already begun to question the love the couple still has, especially Markle’s feelings.

Ever since their relationship began, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been at the center of controversy. Megan He came to break various rules of the royal family, such as that no member of the British monarchy could marry a person. diluted. Markle came to change that.

Their romance was in big question, as some close people indicated that Megan was only wanted fame and that’s why she hooked up with the prince Harry; Similarly, they indicated that the exactress was interested in being recognized all over the world and leaving a mark, which she achieved when she married Lady Dee’s youngest son.

Meghan wants to divorce Harry as soon as possible? Photo: AP

So now that the rumors about him divorcedetails how is meghan markle feeling with her breakup with Prince Harry. A close source gave details of what the Duchess of Sussex thinks and why she thinks so. will be more successful than her husband if he separates from him.

Megan is sure that without Harry she will do better, does she need a divorce?

A source told the magazine Cute What Megan thinks she’ll be better off without her husband; an insider noted: “Meghan feels will be more successful if she finds time to work alone on projects no Harryalthough he always gives her full support.” This information became known only now, when it was revealed that Markle signed a contract with the famous Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor, which is based in Beverly Hills.

This agency, also known as WME, has represented some of the world’s top stars such as Dwayne Johnson, Adele and tennis player Serena Williams. International media reported that the Duchess of Sussex was staying in a hotel room next to a talent agency.

Megan believes that she will achieve more success in her career if she works alone. Photo: AP

If Meghan is confirmed to be part of William Morris Endeavor, it could be a sign that the relationship between the royal couple is worse than ever, as this would be the first time they’ve worked on something separately. oh if Megan urgently wants a divorceThere is no evidence that this is the case, but it turned out that the couple is trying to save their relationship and for this reason they took the time and live in different houses.

Will Meghan Markle celebrate her 42nd birthday without Prince Harry?

International media reports that at this time Harry and Megan they are separated, so it is possible that the Duchess will spend her 42nd birthday without him. Every year, Markle hosted an intimate party attended only by her closest friends, but this year, the guests never received a message from Meghan about the celebration.

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