Meghan Markle, divorce from Harry, single life, is a special friend

Meghan Markle once again found herself in the center of a media storm. After Prince Harry landed at Haneda Airport in Japan to attend the ISPS Sports Values ​​Summit, the eyes of the world once again rested on the life of the Duchess of Sussex. The reason for her absence from this world-famous event has fueled countless rumors and speculations about the status of her marriage. The alarm bells sounded even louder when Meghan Markle chose to stay in Los Angeles while her husband plunged into top business. This decision ignited the flame of speculation about a possible rupture in their marriage. Close sources say that behind the scenes, the fairy tale would have long since vanished, and their few public appearances are little more than a façade to hide the demise of their relationship.

However, the rumors don’t end there. Sources close to the former actress revealed to the American media that Meghan Markle found comfort and company in the arms of a “special friend”. While the Duke of Sussex was thousands of miles away, the ‘Suits’ hero allegedly shared moments of fun and complicity with this mysterious man. While no names have been released, anonymous sources suggest that the presence of this “friend” may have been the reason for the growing distance between Meghan and Harry.

Concerts and going to the cinema

During the absence of her husband, Meghan did not waste time playing. It was reported that he was at one of the concerts of the famous singer Taylor Swift in Inglewood, California. Accompanied by her good friend Lucy Fraser, the Duchess enjoyed the show at SoFi Stadium, without her husband present. In addition, he was seen sharing laughs and friendly moments with Ellen Degeneres’ wife, Portia De Rossi, while going to the movies to see the latest movie sensation: Barbie. At the end of the video, Meghan and her close circle of friends, including a “special friend”, traveled to the San Ysidro Ranch Hotel, which coincided with the presence of a group of friends who were celebrating a bachelorette party. It seems the Duchess of Sussex knows how to have fun when Prince Harry is out.

Birthday amid rumors of separation

Despite the rumors, Meghan Markle hosted a birthday dinner with Prince Harry and his close friend Matt Cohen at the prestigious Italian restaurant Tre Lune in Montecito. While that evening seemed destined to quell rumors of a split, soon after, Prince Harry’s solo trip to Japan reignited the flames of speculation in the international media. The truth behind the lives of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry remains a mystery. One thing’s for sure though: Meghan Markle is enjoying the single life in Los Angeles, whether it’s going to concerts with close friends or spending time with her new love.

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