Meghan Markle | This is Revenge, Tom Bower’s controversial book in which he skins the Duchess of Sussex

We are used to knowing at the minute the adventures of the most controversial couple of all European royalty, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. They are, by their own merits, the most scandalous of all the ‘royal cousins’, before and after their flight from the UK and establishment in the 14 million mansion in Montecito (California), where today they live with their children, Archie and Lilibet. They have told us about their lives Spotifyin a series on Netflix, conferences, magazines, stories, Instagram and in an incendiary interview with Oprah Winfrey in a bucolic garden… where they turned their anger against the British royal house, for “racist”, and against the harassment of the tabloids.

But that’s just the version of the Dukes of Sussexthat now challenges point by point Tom Bowerthe renowned author of other famous biographies, such as that of Tony Blair or Boris Johnsonand of his own Charles IIIand works whose protagonists, controversial magnates such as Richard Bransonthey have tried to prevent, in vain, from seeing the light.

‘Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the Windsor War’, the amazing story of love, betrayal, secrets and revenge What is behind this couple is now published in Spanish in Indicios, after reaching number 1 on the ‘Sunday Times’ best-seller list and being defined by the tabloids as “a bomb” when it was published in English last july.

“Failed Activist”

Going to dozens of sources, or “victims”, as the 75-year-old journalist defines them, the more than 400-page portrait of a “Meghan Markle who went from being a minor actress and a failed activist to being a woman powerful enough to breach within the British royal family.

Of the 25 works he has written, Bower says that this one “stands out for the number of people who asked me not to be named.” Fear of dealing with a woman “explosive”, “unpredictable”, “manipulative”, “narcissistic” and “calculating” that after the ‘Megxit’, “you no longer have to remember to cross your legs when sitting down,” says the author. They have not minced words, however, many others, such as the father of the honoree, Thomas Markle, who paid for her upbringing and studies, and opened the doors to all the ABC sets, but which she disowned; nor the one who was her best friend and her bridesmaid at her first wedding, Nikki Priddynor her first husband, Trevor Engelsonor the Buckingham staff who knew their ways of tyranny.

‘The Rules’, a slut’s manual

Nikki Priddyhis maximum confidant until he became involved with the ‘star system’ of Hollywood and royalty, says that at the age of 13 Meghan memorized entire passages of ‘The Rules’, a manual to “hunt and control” the “right man”, especially if he is rich and powerful. The tome sat on his nightstand while he studied at the University of Chicago.

‘Suits’, ‘The Tig’ and a wedding

After finding a “well-connected” film producer, Trevor Engelsonsettled in his house in West Hollywood, and agreed to marry him in a Jewish rite wedding in Jamaica, in 2011. After being rejected in numerous ‘castings’, because he “lacked charisma” or “magic on screen” , got his biggest screen role in the ‘Suit’ series, which was recorded in Toronto. There she forgot her husband, He gave her back her wedding ring fedex, and she used herself to copy other celebrities such as Emma Watson who stood out as ‘influencers’ with a cause. She opened a page of life and style, ‘The Tig’“built a star profile for himself”, and managed to be introduced to Ivanka Trump.

Although he told Oprah who Googled who Prince Harry was when they were in their first Blind Date, Bower recounts Meghan’s trip to Europe with her friend Priddy’s family in 1996, and their photos in front of Buckingham. A year later, the two of them cried watching on TV Henry and William at Diana’s funeral. Much later, in 2016, she went to Wimbledon to meet Violet Von Westenholz, daughter of close friends of Carlos of England. She was the one who would set him up for a drink with the prince. “Because she had carefully researched Harry’s life, Meghan knew exactly how to make him feel wanted and appreciated.” At the time, she was still living with her boyfriend, chef Cory Vitiello..

The Procter & Gamble Tale

It was transcending courtship and achieving what every Hollywood wannabe dreams of: being cover of ‘Vanity Fair’. Meghan took advantage of self-promotion to influence her profile as an activist since she was a child: the famous Procter & Gamble “story”. However, ‘Vanity Fair’ did not publish that story because it could not verify it. “Women across America are fighting greasy pots and pans,” read the ad for one of their detergents. Outraged, at age 11, she wrote “Why not men?” in a letter to the company’s president and first lady Hillary Clinton. No one answered him, but her father, with his television contacts, managed to the story and Meghan will occupy a report on the Nickelodeon channel. Although he knew they hadn’t read her letter, Thomas led her daughter to believe that her catchphrase was changed because of her.

Bower describes how when Meghan settled in the palace, she began to write to Chanel, Dior, Armani or Givenchy to ask them to “bequeath” her bags and accessories, since send emails at five in the morning intimidating the staff. “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets,” Enrique warned them. Kate, upset with these behaviors, burst into tears in an argument with Meghan over the length of the dress of the girls who would be her bridesmaids, including her daughter Carlota, whom she crushed with unflattering comments. .

Fed up with the palace and the Beckhams

meghan wanted one different royal wedding, Hollywood style. He invited Elton John, Serena Williams, George and Amal Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and the Beckhams. All good until the press began to criticize the Sussexes for some of their contradictions, such as attending conferences and expressing their political opinions, something forbidden for members of royalty or support ecology and then fly in a private jet. Meghan, who had already broken with her own family, accused Victoria Beckham and the royal family of the tabloid leaks, and encouraged Harry to get out of there. On the other side of the pond, her friend Oprah was waiting for her and a phenomenal set on which to stage her revenge.

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