Melanie Pereira receives the Paco Martin Award on the night of Andres Calamaro

CARTAGENA. The La Mar de Músicas de Cartagena festival awards this Monday the French singer Melanie Pereira, known as November Ultra, the Paco Martin Award as the outstanding artist of world music, on the day when Andrés Calamaro, Crudo, Pimento and Bab L’Bluz take the stage.

The jury of the festival, organized by the city council of Cartagena, believes that the French singer-songwriter has a “deep, warm and expressive voice.”

Melanie Pereira, known as November Ultra, proposed by the Paco Martin Cultural Association, brings together, according to a jury composed of journalists Amelia Castilla (El País), Ana Sánchez Moreno (TVE), Laura Piñero (SER), Lara Lopez (RNE) and producer Isabelle Sanchez (Sonde 3), all attributes to become the III Paco Martin Prize, recognized artist of world music.

Awarded by the Cartagena City Council as part of the La Mar de Músicas festival, since 2021, it is awarded to a young artist who excels in world music and contributes to their performance at the festival in honor of Paco Martin, who was its director until 2018. the year of his death and the discoverer of new proposals. After Maria José Llergo from Cordoba and Ed Maverick from Mexico, November Ultra will take the award this year.

According to the jury, the French singer-songwriter stands out for her “deep, warm and expressive voice, which justifies her nickname “nova”, a star whose brightness undergoes various variations. from whispers to lyrical rushes in elegant, cinematic songs with great expressive power and expanding the concept of ballads. They turn out to be little works of art, paintings with different layers that open up and move with every listen.”

Also for “her melodies of folk cadenza, albeit studded with other genres. Situated between modernity and classical spirit, which manages to touch and connect our innermost feelings.”

November Ultra, which Adele may recall from a more experimental proposal or Frank Ocean, her main reference, masterfully reflects the chiaroscuro of life, conveys immobility and at the same time serves as a creative impulse. Her music is nostalgic, beautiful, a journey to the core.”

“Nova” grew up in France from a Murcian mother and a Portuguese father. She has been singing since the age of three, when her grandfather taught her to sing kopla, as well as songs from the 60s. Her latest album is Bedroom Walls. In this 2023, he won the Victorie de la Musique award in France as a revelation singer.

The artist, with a Portuguese father and mother from the region, will receive the award minutes before the start of her scheduled concert this Monday at 21:30 on the Repsol Stage at Patio del Antiguo CIM UPCT. The last free tickets can be purchased at the venue before the show or on the Tickets Always At Hand website.

Argentinian star Andrés Calamaro will close this Monday evening at 23:00 in the Paco Martin Hall in Parque Torres.

Accompanied by his band, Calamaro will present his latest album “Dios Los Cría”, in which he analyzes his exceptional discography along with some of the greatest artists of popular Latin American music.

This Argentine rock icon’s list of anthems from his career in bands such as Los Abuelos de la Nada or Los Rodríguez includes hits such as “Flaca”, “Estadio Azteca”, “Te quiero Igual”, “Loco” or “Dulce Condena”. ‘. The last available tickets can be purchased at the box office or on the Tickets Within Reach website.

free concerts

The concert series “Somos de Aquí” La Mar de Músicas starts this Monday at CIM Square, next to the Mediterranean Sea and the Isaac Peral submarine. In total there will be five concerts from Monday to Friday at seven in the evening.

The first of these will be Crudo Pimento, consisting of Raul Frutos and Inma Gomez. Forming the region is a fusion of “blues rock” with Latin American and African American rhythms from homemade instruments.

After the performance of Crudo Pimento at 8 pm at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Cartagena, the performance of the French-Moroccan band Bab L’Bluz will begin. A group led by a woman from Doukkalia revolutionizes relationships by becoming part of the Moroccan Naida youth movement.

They represent a new wave of passionate artists and musicians who draw inspiration from local heritage and sing freedom lyrics in the Arabic-Moroccan Darij dialect.

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