Meoki provides free mammograms and Pap smears.

From Monday to Wednesday, there will be Pap tests, and until Friday, August 4, mammograms, services provided by state government mobile units.

Meoki, Zhi. During this week, women from Meoka and the region will be able to receive mammograms and Pap tests free of charge thanks to the efforts made by Mayor Miriam Soto and Governor Maru Campos who sent Unity state government mobile phones to provide this assistance, according to Dr. Manuel Castillo, Director of the Department of the Municipality Health Department, which announced that from Monday to Wednesday it would be possible to conduct a free test for the detection of human papillomavirus, as well as a free clinical examination of the breast. examinations for young women or women who are not mammogram candidates.

“Mayor Miriam Soto, from the beginning of her administration, had a strong focus on health issues to improve the lives of the people of Meokens, which is why she took steps to have these units in the municipality,” said Dr. Manuel Castillo, Director of Municipal Health.

The state government’s mobile Papanicolaou unit will carry out classic tests as well as PCR to detect human papillomavirus, likewise, from Thursday 27, a new mobile mammogram installed on the esplanade Presidency Municipal de Meoqui serves women over 40 years old from all over the region, both services are provided for free.

The Meoka Municipal Government, through the Municipal Health, extends to the women of Meoka and the region, so that these studies are carried out in a timely manner, who must go to the Municipal President’s Esplanade with only a copy of their ID card and CURP. be present.

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