Merlina will return to Netflix with season 2, find out the details of its premiere

After it was released,’Wednesday‘ was one of the series Netflix most successful 2022, and Merlinmanaged to captivate all his fans who are now looking forward to the second season, this character was created by Tim Burton and tells us the story of a social “loser” who tries to solve a wave of mysteries, while he manages to make friends at the Nevermore Academy.

The series has managed to establish itself as the most-played series in several countries around the world, on the largest digital streaming platform currently, and thanks to this, Netflix executives have not hesitated to continue the crazy adventures of one of the most iconic characters’crazy adams‘, so that shortly after the end of its transmission, the appearance of the second season was taken for granted.

The platform has now confirmed that “misfortune continues“, and revealed that the premiere of the second season on Wednesday will be presented in november 2023, although several experts have suggested it might be desirable to see deferred a few months, due to the strikes that are now taking place in Hollywood, although the big red N did not give an exact date, this news caused a sensation among the followers of the actress. Jenna Ortegawho became famous all over the world thanks to his great game in this series.

Let’s remember that the Wednesday dance went extremely viral in social mediawhere even many great celebrities such as Lady Gagathey imitated dance in their own style, definitely news that makes happy all those who enjoyed their first season.

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