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Business Business.- In accordance with ERIIn 2022, 42.4% of children under three years of age in our country suffered from anemia, that is, 4 out of 10 children, and this figure increased by almost 4% compared to 2021. That is why Supermarkets Metro and United Way Peru join the initiative for the third time “Suns That Feed”to combat anemia and chronic malnutrition that threaten the future of thousands of boys and girls in Peru.

Until September 17, Metro customers can join by donating one Sol with physical purchases, and through the Metro app and website. In addition, for each donation received, the supermarket will donate one more salt to contribute to the all-round development and nutritional care of children.

Alessandra Leverone, chief executive of United Way Peru, noted: “The prevalence of anemia in 2022 exceeds the percentages recorded since 2019; we have regressed and action needs to be taken. It is extremely important that we all understand that anemia at an early age (before 3 years) affects cognitive development and causes irreversible damage. A country with a high level of anemia will never be a competitive country.”

United Way Peru will use the proceeds to provide food support to 3,000 families participating in its programs. As part of this, they will accompany targeted pregnant women and families with children under 3 years of age with anemia, home visits, nutrition workshops and demonstration sessions in healthcare facilities, counseling, digital office and virtual conversations with social actors and education advocates.

For his part, Angel Rodriguez, Assistant Manager of Sustainability and Customer Service at Cencosud Peru, commented: “Our continued partnership with United Way Peru is helping more boys and girls access adequate nutrition that allows them to thrive and have a healthy childhood. . For this reason, at Metro, we will continue to implement initiatives that give everyone the opportunity to grow in an environment of well-being, and together we can build a better future.”

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