Mia Khalifa expresses outrage at Israeli invasion of Palestine

Influential person of Lebanese descentMia Khalifa, expressed outrage at the Israeli incursion into the population of Jenin in Palestine. At the same time, he criticized the lack of solidarity in the world in the face of what is happening in this country.

“Imagine bombing a refugee camp whose population is under 15,” the influencer said in an audiovisual clip she shared on her page. Social media.

The Israeli military operation against the Jenin refugee camp in Palestine has left residents without water, electricity and food. In addition, it forced the evacuation of almost 3,000 people, fearing new incursions. Israeli.

Residents of Palestine said that the soldiers broke into their homes and told them to leave the camp because it would be fired upon.

The military raid claimed the lives of at least 10 Palestinians. Five of them were identified by local sources as militiamen, in addition to the fifty wounded.

From a West Bank city, they said ambulances faced a blockade from Israeli troops to evacuate the wounded in the area. At night, fighting continues around the mosque of the refugee camp.

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