Michelle Salas and 3 other celebrities who were born in a golden cradle

MEXICO CITY, March 18 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Michelle Salas was born in a golden cradle. She had to come to this world within a family that already had a consolidated last name in the entertainment industry. That does not mean that the model has made her own path in the middle. Because she, beyond everything, had to fight several personal battles to achieve her dreams.

But Michelle Salas is not the only famous person who had the grace to be born into a successful family. There are several stars who, like the influencer, had the necessary contacts to break through in their careers. Some even denied their last name, but finally ended up accepting that they were blessed rather than punished.

Who are the celebrities who were born in a gold crib like Michelle Salas

Ariana Grande

The singer was born into a family in which the ticket was not lacking. As in the case of Michelle Salas, the artist also does not have a good relationship with her father, a successful businessman in charge of a design company. Ariana grande was rich, even long before she was famous. Although she never needed to go out to work, the truth is that she wanted to forge her own path.

Alejandra Guzman

Like Michelle Salas, she was born into the Pinal dynasty. Her father Enrique Guzmán and her mother the actress Silvia Pinal. Since she was little, she lived among the luxuries, but she did not settle for the comforts that they offered her. The singer herself wanted her own name and her own career to generate income and she achieved it.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr’s father was as famous as Michelle Salas’s. Only in this case he was not a singer but a famous Hollywood actor and producer, by the time his son began to take his first steps in the entertainment industry. Over time, the interpreter of “Iron Man” came to surpass his father, managing to become one of the highest paid actors in the world.

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