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Miley Cyrus is nervous about the release of her new album Endless Summer Vacation, scheduled for March 10. She pointed out that it is a combination of the musical genres that she likes and she wants everyone to enjoy it. “I am very excited that the record is already about to come out. I hope everyone enjoys it,” she expressed.

The singer has posted several photos on social media from the photo shoot for her upcoming album in a red swimsuit. In these photos, Miley Cyrus wears some small diamonds, so as not to divert the gaze from her figure with almost no clothes on her. The singer shows off her figure and tattoos in a bandeau bra with a gradient design in two shades of red, and a small triangle bikini with wide straps. Also, she wears a square brooch on one side. “I feel sexy,” she said.

On March 10, the artist shared a photo with the caption “Endless Summer Vacation” and announced that she would have a major announcement related to her album and new songs.

The news about the pop star’s new album comes amid the success of his song “Flowers”, which remains at number 1 on pop radio in the United States and among the top positions on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, since its release on January 13, it has stood out among the most listened to songs on streaming platforms.

Miley’s fans have speculated on social media that soon after the release of Endless Summer Vacation, she will announce dates for a world tour. After nine years, Wrecking Ball became Miley’s first worldwide hit.

This song is about the love and lack of attention that Miley Cyrus experienced while she was with Liam Hemsworth, during their relationship of almost 10 years and the short marriage they had. Now she can give herself that affection that she needed before.

The song says that I can buy myself flowers and write my name in the sand. It also encourages me to love myself more, saying “I can love myself better, honey.” “It’s one of my favorite songs of all time. I’ve always loved it,” Liam said.

Liam claimed that When I Was Your Man by Bruno Marsis one of his favorite songs and expresses his love for melody.

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