Miley Cyrus returns home with the backyard session of ‘Endless Summer Vacation’ on Disney +

The circle is closed for Miley Cyrus and Disney.

As the artist sang in Hannah Montana: The Movie,you’ll always find your way back home” in Spanish, “you will always find a way to come home“, and he is going to do it soon with his new album.

The singer will return to the place where she grew up and achieved fame with the role of Hannah Montana with the backyard sessions of his new album Summer Endless Vacation the next March 10th on the Disney+ platform.

The premiere of this musical special, of which Miley is executive producer, will be released on the same day as the album’s release. The singer will perform seven of the 13 songs that make up this new album, as well as some of her classics.

This episode will also feature a personal interview and about the creative process of the album, and everything will take place in the house where the acclaimed video clip of Flowers.

His previous backyard sessions

It’s not the first time that Miley does these sessions.

The backyard sessions They are a series of music videos that Cyrus has recorded and published through his YouTube channel throughout his career, usually acoustic versions.

The first was in the summer of 2012where he shared covers of topics such as Lilac Wine or Jolene (his aunt’s theme Dolly Parton), accompanied by his band.

In it 2015 he returned from the hand of his foundation HAPPY HIPPIES next to Ariana Grande with one of the classics of music, Don’t Dream It’s Over.

It was not until 2021 (6 years later) when Miley returned to the backyard sessions next to The Social Distancers with themes like communication and Just Breathe in acoustic version.

Two years later, in 2023Miley will return with a special for Disney + of her new album, being the first time that she has published these musical sessions on a streaming platform instead of on YouTube.

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