Miley Cyrus shares a preview of her next video clip

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Miley Cyrus shared a preview of her new single ‘River’.

Miley Cyrus has shared a preview of her upcoming music video: riverthe next single from his eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation.

The track features a heavy riff and rhythm, and sounds like an ’80s pop song. Based on that snippet and her previous single, “Flowers,” it sounds like Cyrus’ new album will have a versatile sound. While “River” and “Flowers” are more pop, there can be some hip-hop too.

“Mike Will x Miley Cyrus wave starts Friday… Sorry for the wait”tweeted producer Mike WiLL Made-It, who previously worked with Cyrus on “23” and bangers.

Recently, the Disney Channel alumnus said that Endless Summer Vacation It is divided into two different parts: daytime and nighttime.

He previously said on Instagram: “AM to me represents the moment in the morning where there is a buzz, an energy and there is a potential for new possibilities, it is a new day. And at night, it feels like there’s something sneaky, seedy and sort of grime but glamorous at the same time. At night, it’s a good time to rest, it’s a time to recuperate, or it’s a time to get out and experience the wild side.”

Both the music videos for “River” and Endless Summer Vacation will be released on Friday, March 10. Check out the preview for “River” below.

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