Miley Cyrus shines in a minidress and heeled sandals with a bracelet

Miley Cyrus premiered the video for his song titled River. In the film, he chose to wear a halter neckline mini dress and heeled sandals with bracelettwo pieces that are the absolute trend of the season.

By the time I write these lines, at 1:00 p.m. after seeing the light, the material already has almost 18 million views, only in Youtube. It is not a surprise that after his success Flowersthis melody from his album Endless Summer Vacation It is already crowned as one of the favorites of its fans. They were surprised by the announcement of the special that, starting today, can be enjoyed at streaming in Disney +, where the singer miley cyrusstars in the musical Backyard Sessionsfrom the distinctive house where Frank Sinatra lived and where Flowers recorded.

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And it is that after her appearance in the parade that Donatella Versace offered yesterday in the city of Los Angeles, the also actress Once again, she demonstrates her status as a trendsetter, with the clothes that, yes or yes, you should have in your closet.

How to wear a minidress with heeled sandals with a bracelet like Miley Cyrus?

The composer wore a design of short black dress, without printed motifs and with a triangle-shaped halter neckline supported by a delicate gold necklace. To complement, she wore some heeled sandals with bracelet with a minimalist aesthetic, in the same tonality as the mini-dress. It should be mentioned that this footwear It has not stopped being present on catwalks and red carpet events, where celebrities indicate what the trends of the moment are.

For her part, unlike Flowers’ video, where in the first frames we see her with an updo, followed by wet and slick hair, in this one she opts for the opposite and wears a curly and voluminous hairstyle.

This season, the return of the halter neckline dresses with spaghetti straps has been seen in firms low cost like Zara and Mango. By the way, a design on sale from this last mentioned brand has gone viral in recent hours due to the similar silhouette of the design to which Miley Cyrus takes in river And, the Inditex company confirms that the long dresses with this particular neckline they will continue to be an infallible piece for Spring-Summer 2023.

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Courtesy of Zara

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