Miley Cyrus shows two facets between subgenres and new sounds with ‘Endless Summer Vacation’

The highly anticipated eighth studio album by Miley Cyrus, Endless Summer Vacation arrives this March 10 with 12 new songs (plus the “Flowers” demo) that in Miley’s words can be divided into AM, referring to the morning, and PM, referring to the night.

An astonishing list of artists collaborate with Miley Cyrus on this albumfrom the composition with michael pollack (Katy Perry, Lizzo) and greg kurstin (Adele, Gorillaz); and producers like Kid Harpoon (Harry Styles, Lizzo) tyler johnson (LANY, Meghan Trainor), and Mike Will Made It.

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Thoughtful pop rock is the best sound by Miley Cyrus

Endless Summer Vacation opens with “Flowers”, an absolute hit that has solid bass bases, an electric organ and guitars accompanying the leading scratchy voice of Miley Cyrus. Even though we’re less than a quarter of this year into it, we know it’s an absolute hit that will hit the yearly charts. The lyrics are reaching and intelligent, with a bittersweet reflection on a love that didn’t work out.

In the same tone, “Jaded” is a power ballad that features the voice of Miley Cyrus when it goes up, and again we love hearing such well-thought-out lyrics from the singer. With a pain that she has about a story of heartbreak put together a great song that is in the pop but has distorted guitars, and a stadium rock chorus.

Something similar happens in “Island”, with a much more Caribbean touch, in which Miley Cyrus thinks that her life is an island, in an exercise in which she contemplates herself to question where she is standing. This track is much more relaxed, but that doesn’t mean it strays from using guitars and percussion in elegant pop.

The wonderful “Wonder Woman” shows Miley Cyrus singing with her heart in her hand with no more than a piano accompanying her, and it will surely be a great moment at the concerts of his next tour. This self-love letter is empowering and also has a lot of nostalgia in the background, one of the best of Endless Summer Vacation.

Miley Cyrus gets into electronics in fair measure

Suddenly, after some catchy songs and that continue with a pop that hints at rock, we arrive at “Handstand”, a completely electronic song that begins with Miley Cyrus talking about anecdotes. With a rather strange bridge of extremely exaggerated digital sounds, it seems like a song that does not integrate well with the rest of the songs. Endless Summer Vacation.

The same goes for “Violet Chemistry”, which is based on a nineties breakbeat without reaching a chorus that even comes close to some of the others in emotionality, without using the voice of Miley CyrusIt seems like a song almost spoken.

In “Muddy Feet” we have the collaboration of the exceptional Siain a very subtle role with backing vocals. These hardly electronic songs are going well for Miley Cyrus, because outright the even more electronic ones on this record feel forced. The criterion to leave electronic elements without monopolizing the whole song, is the one indicated for Miley.

Miley Cyrus brings us songs designed to play in the summer

The album title (Endless Summer Vacation) anticipate that we can listen to it all summer, either on the road to a beach or already at the destination. “Rose Colored Lenses” shows how well a simple and well-produced song works with Miley Cyrus’s voice at the center. This is where the name of the album comes from, hoping that a good vacation will never end.

What collaboration was raffled Miley Cyrus when Brandi Carlile joins the album with “Thousand Miles”, one more song towards the genres of the collaborator, between Americana and Folk with a beat as a base.

Miley Cyrus’s voice shines again in the chorus, and it seems that finds its best sound in these more eclectic songs that don’t have a clear genre.Voices in harmony sound very good, and the very title of the song makes it a song to drive and sing on the highway.

Undoubtedly, this diverse collection of songs by Miley Cyrus has brilliant moments but also others that abuse a somewhat cliché electronica.appealing to the nostalgia of the genre at the beginning of the two thousand.

Miley Cyrus has some of the best songs of her career on this new album, contrasting with many others that could have been part of an album more designed for clubs or dance floors. By the way, if you are fans from hell, you can find several physical versions of Endless Summer Vacation at the official Miley store, to add to the collection

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