Miley Cyrus talks about the inspiration for her song ‘River’: “It’s obscene”


Miley Cyrus will release this Friday the video clip of his song Riverwhich is part of the disk Endless summer vacation. In a clip that she has posted on her networks, she has revealed the inspiration and what the theme will be like.

Miley Cyrus opens in a few days Endless summer vacation, his new album, and the expectation among his fans could not be higher. Although it will not be the only thing that sees the light of day, since it also launches the video clip of Riverone of the songs that are part of this album.

The singer has posted a small clip on her networks in which she explains what means his song and what inspired it for her. “It was a time in my life where I was going through too much, emotionally and personally. “All my themes evolve,” he has acknowledged.

In fact, the songs will be like “a trip” and I felt it was “an April rain”, that is, “it never stops raining”. For this reason, Miley wanted to change this and that “love began to fall”.

In a much more daring tone, the artist has confessed that sometimes, you just need “a dance floor backfire” and this is what it represents River. And she has gone a step further: “This means that they don’t want me to say that the song is about…”. It is understood that under the beep that they have put, she has said sex, since she has continued explaining that “it’s very obscene.”

Everything we know about the ‘River’ video clip

According to information from accounts specializing in the artist, Miley has not only returned to the house where she was unfaithful, but will also appear with 14 men. The same number as the women Liam was unfaithful with in that same place.

“Miley Cyrus has filmed her new music video for River in the same house of the video of Flowers but with 14 men, 14 as the number of women with whom Liam cheated on her… She has a mastermind!!”, can be read in one of the publications.

While others offer similar information: “Miley Cyrus has filmed her new music video for River in the same house as the Flowers video but with 14 men. It was previously reported that the house was the place where Liam cheated on her with 14 women”, “Miley cyrus has filmed the newest music video of her for River in the same house in the Flowers video but with 14 men. She’s tremendous.”

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