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Minister Royon received Marcelo Rucci

The secretary general of the private oil and gas union of Rio Negro, Neuquen and La Pampa, Marcelo Rucci, was received this afternoon by the authorities of the national government to analyze the situation with the import of equipment and consumables to support growth and employment in the hydrocarbon activity.

The meeting took place at the customs headquarters, Azopardo 350, and was also attended by Catheda Secretary General Guillermo Pereira; Guillermo Michel, head of customs, Flavia Royon, minister of mining and energy, and deputy minister of foreign trade Hermán Cervantes.

The union expressed concern about the impact on employment and reduced working hours due to lack of equipment.

Thanking national officials for the call, Rucci said: “We want to find solutions to this problem that directly affects us as it puts workers at risk of layoffs or leaves them with a smaller workload, which we cannot allow.” at the end of the meeting, he added: “Infrastructural works that are under construction or already in operation, such as the Nestor Kirchner gas pipeline or the oil pipeline in Chile, require a significant increase in the amount of equipment, and this is not happening.”

National officials negotiated with Rucci and Pereira to convene companies that reported problems with the import of materials and equipment. Trade union organizations will also attend this meeting next week to re-analyze the situation and find a final solution.

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