Mistakes to Avoid When Wearing Capris in Summer 2023

If we remember capri pants In the early 2000s, they did not flatter anyone, and it was impossible to call them an elegant wardrobe item. With certain trends, we tend to be very objective, but there are clothes that are harder to be with.

Accepting the challenge to take again baggy trousersthis summer 2023 V capri pants confirm their unexpected return. We owe this to some of the It-Girls at the moment.

Let’s put ourselves in context: a couple of days ago, model and businesswoman Alexa Chung shared an image on her Instagram account in which she wore a simple look consisting of a white shirt, some capri pants with leopard print and Miu Miu stretch ballet flats.

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This week, model Gigi Hadid chose several denim capris with big pockets. Hadid went all the way and decided to wear a 2000s-worthy look consisting of a black tank top paired with a gold necklace, black belt, and pointy-toe pumps (which also made a comeback).

On the catwalk, her comeback timidly escalated. We saw them in the Balmain Spring-Summer 2023 collection in leather and artistic prints. Givenchy bet on denim capri pants, wider, almost overlooking cargo pants; while Ermanno Shervino suggested capri trousers with satin finish combined with jersey.


Balmain spring-summer 2023.

Remembering a little, within the history of fashion, capri trousers they became popular at the start of this millennium and were the favorite item of clothing for character Carrie Bradshaw on the HBO series Sex and the City.

In fact, Carrie was one of their biggest supporters and wore them in different styles: we can’t forget these capri trousers khaki, which she wore in combination with a white tank top and headscarf. Or that garter-hem model she paired with a denim jacket and linen top.

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Origin of Capri

capri trousers They are the basis of women’s wardrobe, the origin of which dates back to the 50s of the last century. Their creation is credited to Sonia de Lennart, a German designer who introduced them in her 1948 collection.

This type of pants immediately became associated with the great stars of Hollywood: Grace Kelly wore them in the film High Society (1956). Audrey Hepburn paired them with ballerinas in Sabrina (1954), and they became the favorites of Brigitte Bardot. We can’t forget the image of Anita Ekberg, dated 1955, covered in some sort of pink capris with a scarf.

Mistakes when wearing capris in the summer of 2023

Although they are very cool and practical to wear, Capri is on trend in combination with blouses, blazers and crop tops, they can be a challenge; not to mention that choosing the right shoes becomes a fundamental factor for wearing them correctly.

B: capris + platform shoes

capri pants they look better with shoes that help elongate the figure. In general, we must follow the rule of thirds. With a hemline just below the knee, these trousers divide your figure, leaving the style equation as follows: one third for your top or blouse, one third for your capri pants, and one third for bare legs. That’s why you must choose platform pumps to help you figure it out

Not: Capris with flats and flats (except Mary Jane).

While this is how Audrey Hepburn popularized them in the 50s, the truth is that if you have short legs, adding shoes like ballet shoes or flat sandals you could make yourself even lower. If you still insist, the solution is to wear a shorter top.

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B: Capris with high boots

Contrary to what many people think, capri pants look good with high boots. Choose a solid color that is the same tone (or similar) as your pants so you can elongate your silhouette. You can pair it with a crop top or tank top to show some skin on top.

Out: capris with crab sandals

If you don’t want to look like a nautical cliché, save crab sandals for other looks with shorts, dresses, and fresh skirts.

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Q: Capri pants and mules are the same color.

Again, we’re saving the rule of thirds. Wearing high heels in the same color as yours capri pants, you will create a visual effect that instantly elongates your silhouette. Leave the play of colors and patterns for the top or accessories.

Out: Capri pants with brown ankle boots and black chelsea boots.

While it’s true that this trend takes us back to the 2000s, the truth is that you don’t have to carry it around with you. boho style boots or ankle boots. In fact, you should also keep cowboy boots. The idea is to create a sublime look that combines the lightness of a capri with other elegant pieces of clothing.

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Christian Wierig/Getty Images.

Q: Capri pants and blazer in office looks

If you want to achieve a truly professional look, your best bet is to create the perfect suit for the summer, choose one tone and make sure everything suits you. You will definitely stand out at this important meeting.

Out: Wear many different colors or textures.

Again, stick to a single palette or only have one bold color. Wearing different colors will only cut your silhouette in the long run and your look may not be the most consistent.

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B: Capri pants and strappy minimalist sandals

capri pants They look great with minimalist sandals. Especially models with minimal straps and inconspicuous heels, so your legs will be in the center of attention.

Out: Capris with sneakers.

While they may be the easy way out, it’s not always good to mix a few. normcore tennis or papa tennis (with a wide structure) with openwork capris. The contrast between fitted and “chunky” is not always flattering.

Article originally published in Spain, vogue.es, adapted for Vogue Mexico and Latin America.

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