‘Mob’, the latest version of the ‘bob’ cut promises to feel great

    Yes, you read it right, the latest trend in haircuts has been dubbed by experts as cut ‘mob‘. If it reminds you of something, then surely you have been aware of the ‘bob’ cuts, which have been triumphing in the ‘beauty’ scene for months. The words, which have been inherited from English, are very similar, and to the ‘mob’ derived from the styling to which celebrities such as Millie Bobby Brown have succumbed. We tell you how is this new version that promise to make everyone feel good.

    It is not a short hair to use. It is not a long mane either, far from it. It’s what’s in between, that height that reaches the shoulders and it allows you to show off comfortably, but it also gives you the opportunity to do different hairstyles and up-dos. The best of both worlds, as Miley Cyrus would sing.

    The second thing different from the ‘bob’, in addition to being slightly longer than the ‘bob’ (the one whose hairstyles Chiara Ferragni is leaving us as an inspiration), is that the predominant trend is not a perfect straightening, as we are used to seeing . not in this case the trend is for large waves or curlswhich increases its volume and gives it that distinctive touch.

    There are no two without three, and the third noticeable difference is the layers. We are talking about a haircut that, despite being straight, does not stay in a single layer (hence why straightening is not his favorite style). In this case layers are hidden, hidden behind the weight of the mane. In this way we motivate that ‘extra volume’.


    For XL curls



    The ‘mob’ cut of the ‘celebrities’

    It feels great precisely because its versatility: as it is not too short, but also does not have a length up to the waist, it allows it to adapt better to faces. The stylists of the ‘celebs’ tend to prefer a stripe on one side, instead of in the middle. This has motivated different celebrities to join this new version of the ‘bob’: it doesn’t matter the type of hair, the shape of the face or the age, there is a high probability that it feels great.

    lucy hale haircut

    Raymond HallGetty Images

    kate blanchet mob cut

    Monica SchipperGetty Images

    We saw it to Lucy Halerepresentative of the ‘millennials’ thanks to her role in ‘Pretty Little Liars’, who used to do a curly half updo. Also famous veterans like Kate Blanchettwho posed at the latest awards ceremonies with his emblematic elegance and a haircut that, in his case, added some ‘bangs’ at cheekbone height.

    Zendaya wore it in style on the red carpet, with a proposal that evoked the hairstyles of the last century. In the ‘street style’ it is translated with a little less maxi-volume, because one does not have a huge event to attend every day.

    zendaya on the red carpet with mob cut

    Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

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