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The hairstyle inspired by 1940s Hollywood stars like Rita Hayworth is making a comeback in the hairstyles of celebrities and everyday women alike.

The fashion for the waves was imposed by Hollywood divas. Charm in their hair At one time, many women in a world without the existence of social networks imitated them, and today that type of hairstyle is back; He is in all his fury among actresses, royalty, singers, models and ordinary women.

The truth is that the look of this hairstyle inevitably resembles that of Rita Hayworth, one of the most emblematic and glamorous actresses of the golden age of American cinema. In the film “Gilda”, in which she starred with Glenn Ford and was released in 1946, the diva appears with this. looks. Veronica Lake, another star of the 40s who was considered the highest paid actress of the time, was another woman who imposed a hairstyle but gave it a very personal touch: she covered part of her face with her wavy hair.

Sofia Vergara

As fashion comes and goes, wear your hair vintage they are back in fashion.

New generations such as Emma Stone, 34-year-old American voice actress and film producer; and singer Rihanna, who, although often changing hairstyles, is also no stranger to the “boom” of the ether. Charmwhich, as the name suggests, allows you to look glamorous.

Shakira doesn’t shy away from showing off her long hair with any of the wave hairstyles, just like her compatriot Sofia Vergara. Both resorted to looks fresh, elegant, natural and above all trendy.

They are also called surfer waves, referring to the effect of sea waves that allows hair to move, whether it is a somewhat tousled hairstyle, a voluminous braid or a ponytail with a loose strand. It’s about how to wear your hair smoothly and naturally, like the waves created by water. They have a soft finish but are very noticeable and form from the middle of the hair to the ends.

Here’s how we’ve seen it worn by singer, designer, and actress Selena Gomez on multiple occasions.

How can I get waves Charm? According to hairdressing experts, with a curling iron, with no-heat curlers, with curlers, or even with a thick braid that leaves the hair wavy when unraveled. For this last option, the braid is left for a minimum of three hours and then released. It’s simple!!!

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