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It is no secret to anyone that Nadia Ferreira is one of the most prominent figures in entertainment worldwide, causing a sensation during her outstanding participation in Miss Universea contest in which he was a finalist, and later, with his relationship with Marc Anthony, the Puerto Rican salsa singer who exceeds it by more than 30 years.

And it is that the Paraguayan model not only starred in a short but romantic engagement with the Puerto Rican, but would arrive at the altar with him on January 12 at the Perez Art Museum (PAMM) in Miami, in a ceremony that included prominent invited celebrities .

Days later, coinciding with the “Day of love and Friendship“, the United States celebrities They would announce the arrival of their first child, thus confirming the rumors that the former Paraguayan beauty queen was already in sweet expectation during her marriage.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira got married in January (Photo: nadiatferreira / Instagram)


Because of this, the interest in the 23-year-old model has only grown and this includes her activities to keep fit and her favorite sports to be a healthy person.

According to Mui Fitness, the Marc Anthony’s wife He is a lover of snow skiing, a discipline that is responsible for strengthening all muscles, as it tones quadriceps while demanding work on the buttocks, arms and obliques.

Additionally, skiing gives you balance and agility, relieving mental tension and stress, allowing you to fall asleep and sleep better, improving the quality of life by resting on time and correctly.

In the same way, the portal points out that this sport, when practiced outdoors, allows a connection with nature and knowledge of the exterior, key characteristics to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Nadia Ferreira has shown her passion for snow (Photo: nadiatferreira / Instagram)


When she was a teenager, the model was encouraged to participate in “Parodying Paraguay”, the imitation program of national and foreign artists that he attended to present the crown of Teen Universe Paraguay 2015 and show your talent.

On that occasion, the model became Taylor Swift to interpret her hit “shake it off”, and although she was applauded by the assistants and the drivers, some of the juries were not totally satisfied with her presentation.

“Let’s say I do what I can. I try to improve every time, so let’s go with everything. I already traveled a lot because of the contest, but I think I’m going to do super well”indicated the then Miss Teen. RELIVE THE CURIOUS MOMENT HERE.

Nadia Ferreira won the Miss Paraguay contest and reached the final of Miss Universe (Photo: Nadiatferreira / Instagram)



Nadia Ferreira has never hidden that she is a great admirer of Marc Anthony and that is precisely how she met him: as a fan.

The meeting took place during a concert, in 2016, when she was a teenager, only 16 years old, and the salsa singer was 47 and was already married to Shannon De Lima, in his third marriage. LEARN MORE HERE.

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