Nail health: danger of sensitization to acrylates

Nails perform many functions, including aesthetics. Dermatologist Lourdes Navarro warns us about the potential complications that a permanent manicure can have on our nail health and overall health, and offers tips for daily nail care.

Nail health: danger of sensitization to acrylates

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He September 6 – World Day of Aesthetic Medicine.. Nails are one of the main directions personal care, but sometimes we don’t pay much attention to your health.

dermatologist Lourdes Navarro, member of the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV)in an interview with EFESalud refers to nail health and remember the importance of paying attention to this area, as well as warning about the dangers that we are exposed to if we are not aware of caring for it.

Nail has several functions: protection, scratches… But it also performs a very important aesthetic task, the fame of which in recent years has spread through permanent manicure, porcelain enamel, “semi-permanent” and false nails.

nail health
The aesthetic value of nails is undeniable. EFE.

Nail as a “snitch” of diseases

“The nail may be the key to detecting important diseases,” says Dr. Lourdes Navarro.

Although the condition of our nail may indicate the presence of an underlying pathology, it can also be a reflection of certain local problems. Among the latter, a fungal infection or onychomycosis is usually the most common, especially due to candida fungus.

This Ideally, contact the appropriate medical professional if you have any questions or feel any strange symptoms on your nails.

“In children, there are certain manifestations in the nails, which immediately warn us of the need to exclude certain congenital diseases. In adults, nails can be a manifestation of something that happens locally, that is, what happens in the nail, or they can be a manifestation of a systemic disease: a tumor, heart failure, liver failure … ”, reveals Lourdes Navarro.

Acrylate Sensitization: The Real Problem

While fungal infections and other local problems can be annoying and need to be treated, the expert emphasizes the importance of sensitization to acrylates.

acrylates – liquid substances especially used in semi-permanent, permanent and porcelain manicure. However, Dr. Navarro warns against its inappropriate and regular use, as it can cause an allergy that makes the consumer sensitive.

Sensitization to acrylates can become a major problem in the long term as these chemicals are used in some medical devices used to treat serious illnesses. If our skin gets used to them, the necessary treatment will not have the same effect.

How to avoid this sensitivity?

The difficulty of refusing acrylic manicure is that It’s not about the product used, but about the technique that the person who does the manicure performs..

Acrylates, as the dermatologist explained, they require drying or curing, which is usually carried out with LED or UV light. If it is properly dried, the likelihood of allergies is reduced.

It should be noted that not only the nails and the skin around them are at risk. If we touch the face or any part of the body with a manicure done in the wrong technique, it can also become sensitized to acrylates.

Doctor advises young girls to buy on their own kit this risk, as well as the professionals who are involved in their implementation and repeatedly come into contact with these products.

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Nail health every day

Many of the routine operations that we perform on a day-to-day basis they impair the health of our nails and make them brittle.

First of all, the doctor indicates that being in Constant contact with water severely damages the nails, so in the summer season we may perceive them as somewhat weaker and brittle. Also they Cleaners containing harsh chemicals can break nails and irritate hands..

Besides, Frequent manicure worsens the condition of the nails, as it cuts the top layer, the hardest of the three that make up the structure of the nail. In addition to fractures, they can cause a “lever effect” in the nails called onycholysis, which opens the door for infections and bacteria.

To keep our nails healthy, the AEDV dermatologist advises us to frequently moisturize our hands with urea or petroleum jelly creams, wear gloves when using chemical products, and avoid excessive contact with water..

nail health
Constant contact with water can damage nails. EFE

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