Natalie Portman: she was seen without a wedding ring on her anniversary day, what happened?

It was in June of this year that the French magazine Voci reported that Millepied had cheated on Portman, a reason that would be the reason for the bad moment the couple went through.

According to European media, the ballerina had an affair with 25-year-old activist and influencer Camille Etienne. The mentioned situation does not refer to the month of publication of the report, but refers to March. The photographs attached to the article show how Natalie’s husband enters Camille’s office and leaves it alone two hours later. A few minutes later, the influential person was also seen leaving the place.

However, the fact of the breakup of celebrities was never confirmed, since a source close to People assured then that the alleged romance was “short-lived and ended.”

“He knows that he made a big mistake and is doing everything possible so that Natalie forgives him and saves the family,” the insider added. “Natalie is incredibly secretive and is not going to show it to the media. Protecting her children and their privacy is her top priority.”

The main characters did not deny the crisis, but in the last public appearances, Natalie continued to carry the ring with her, which has now disappeared from her hand.

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