National Tequila Day: In this place they will give away chocolates with “piquete” to celebrate

This March 18th is he National Tequila Day, one of the drinks most representative of the country worldwide, because for years, perhaps centuries, this distillate has given value and a lot of fun to everyone. That is why it has conquered the hearts not only of Mexicans, but also of Hollywood stars, such as George Clooney, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, Kendall Jenner, Adam levine And till Michael Jordan.

Many of us hear about the holiday, but rarely know how to party. However, in the Mexico City a plan always comes out, because for us hope and fun die last. As an example, a chocolate shop that woke up in a good mood and decided to give little chocolates with picket to everyone who passed by, due to the National Tequila Day.

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