Netflix has released the long-awaited sequel, which has already become one of the most viewed on the platform

Netflix updates its catalog weekly row And movies with content for all tastes, and among its novelties a long-awaited sequel to the success of suspense and horror appeared a few weeks ago, which soon became one of the most viewed on Platform.

Near “Birdbox: Barcelona”the second part of the film with Sandra Bullock and it was also in vogue after its premiere in 2018.

Synopsis for “Birdbox: Barcelona”

The Bird Box is based on the novel by Josh Malerman. title published in 2014. In the second part the actor Mario Casas accompanied by Georgina Campbell and Diego Calva Hernandez.

“After a mysterious force wipes out the world’s population, Sebastian embarks on his own survival journey through the deserted streets of Barcelona. But, When he forms a complex alliance with the other survivors and they try to escape the city, the unexpected threat becomes even more sinister.“, says the official synopsis. Netflix.

Casas is a man who witnesses an incident in Barcelona and decides to join a group of survivors to escape the city. Along the way, they will encounter a threat that is surprisingly more dangerous than they expected.

Trailer of the movie “Birdbox: Barcelona”

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