Neurotic disorder, a major mental health problem in Ecuador

The Ministry of Health also identified cases of stress, mental development disorders and patients with epilepsy.

mental health problems in Ecuador they are another problem for public health authorities.

So far this year, the Ministry of Health has participated in over 600,000 people who claim that they have a problem related to their emotional or psychological state.

These are lists of consumables for fiscal schools.

The most common were neurotic disorders, stress, developmental disorder, and epilepsy,” the entity clarified.

According to the Ministry, care provided until August 15, 2023 is about 862 600 out of 202albeit a little further from 1.1 million in 2022.

The health authority shall ensure that mental health services and care for people with alcohol and drug problems are available in more than 400 establishments nationwide, in which US$27 million was invested.

The first tier focuses on outpatient services at 281 health facilities, in addition to intensive outpatient care in 63 hospitals.

While the second level has inpatient psychiatric units in 111 hospitals and another 11 specialized centers for the treatment of people with problematic alcohol and other drug use.


As for suicides, the Ministry of Health registers 4893 attention with this type of injury.

And he points out that he works in building a strategy suicide prevention with various public and private agencies”.

The main task is to reduce the number of this type of death, which primarily affects young people.

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