New cases of ringworm due to messed up hair

Salamanca Medical Centers Consultations Continue Diagnosing Ringworm Cases, usually on the scalp of young men. One of the main reasons, according to experts, is “insufficient disinfection of razors” when performing the popular degraded haircut.

This is not a new problem. “After the pandemic, the number of cases has increased,” says Dr. Alfonso Romero, who adds: “Cases of ringworm are poorly managed because treatment is difficult.” You will not only have to treat the infected person with creams and oral products, but also also “need to do a little cleaning around the house” to prevent the fungus from continuing in some garments and is not always carried out effectively, so the problem can be reproduced in other family members. In fact, it is estimated that the spores of the fungus that causes this infection can persist in a home for up to 18 months if it is not properly cleaned.

Dr. Lucas Fernandez del Campo explained a few months ago, coinciding with another spike in cases, he explained: “When archaeologists dedicated themselves to discovering Egyptian tombs, they didn’t shave for 72 hours before entering the tomb. They did this not because of supposed curses, but because there are mushrooms that have been lying there for centuries. suspended dust particles. If you’ve shaved or shaved, you’re more likely to get a fungus on your skin.“.

In this sense, theories linking cases of ringworm to the use of poorly sanitized razors are logical: “The use of blades has a concomitant factor, namely that when you shave you damage the skin, and when you shave the hair follicle it is easier that you can get infected.

Recommendations to follow at home when a case of ringworm occurs begin with vacuum the whole house and steam clean both carpets and upholstery.

It is also important to clean bedding. In the event that the pet has brought the infection, the pet’s gadgets should be cleaned.

for disinfection Chlorinated water solutions are often recommended. and don’t neglect combing if ringworm is on the scalp, or bathing when the infection is on the legs.

Family medicine specialists emphasize that this problem “Usually it depends on the season” and it is logical that there are more cases in the summer. In addition to shared pools and showers being used more often, it’s also “when people want to feel cooler and resort to haircuts with less hair that remove the skin’s protective barrier.”

Doctors note that while fungus on the head is more common in young men – due to the type of hairstyle they wear – fungus on the skin of other parts of the body in this group of teenagers is quite rare, because at this time of age, “estrogens and testosterone alter fatty acids in the skin.” This fat causes acne and oily hair, which is traumatic for teenagers, but the truth is that it also acts as a resistance to possible entry of fungi, such as the one that causes ringworm.

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