new data and photos of the link of the year are revealed

Tamara Falko and Inigo Onieva they are now husband and wife. After many inconveniences past July 8El Rincon Palace witnessed the greatest wedding of the year, culminating in ‘Yes, I want’ and a passionate kiss to the sounds I will leave you withJ. Sartori.

The wedding we’re having this Monday more in the new issue of the magazine Hello!which publishes new images and link data.

Michael and Matthew the children of Ana Boyer and Fernando Verdasco were in charge of managing deposit to the altar; Chabeli Iglesias was touched To tears; and Oniev followed the legacy of Carlos Falco, who crowned himself as the new Marquis de Grignon.

“That’s what I didn’t get. I don’t think in the short term. It’s a title his family has held for generations, and you don’t become Marquis of Grignon just by marrying the Marquise of Grignon.”, he admitted on the pages of the publication.

Tamara Falko and Inigo Oniev in Johannesburg
Tamara Falko and Inigo Oniev in Johannesburg. Gtres

Reference to Carlos Falco

It was the most special connection that united 400 guests and that not a single detail was left unanswered. As reported Hello!Tamara wanted to allegory on the field that his father loved so much, and so it was.

nature was a great hero with colonial garden furniture and the preservation palace vintage style. Cocktail took place in the meadows of Jupiter and dinner in tents set up on the territory of the family.

Tamara Falko before the wedding
Tamara Falko before the wedding. Gtres

All the details

round tables were decorated with menus, calligraphically written by El Tintero, embroidered napkins with the letter “G” and the crown of the Marquis Grignon – the work of Aida Home Living-, and silver cutlery to match Limoges ware.

According to the magazine, at dinner they sounded songs How If I don’t have you Alicia Keys, or Smallfrom Lady Gaga. In addition, they combined Cocktails The Bar Edition with gastronomic art Eneko Acha.

break with tradition

And although Wedding Dress It was the detail that generated the most anticipation, bride and groom dance did not lag behind. In record time, Inigo and Tamara had to rehearse this special moment. choreographer Lola Gonzalez.

Leaving aside the traditional waltz, the Marquises of Grignon have already surprised more modern style and some skills on hitherto unknown track in rhythm sees ita song by Nat King Cole that combines jazz and swing.

a gift from Oniyeva

As expected, on this special day, the businessman wanted to surprise daughter Isabelle Preisler with a show 200 drones. Personalized show from UMILES Drone Light Show, which painting in the sky Love is in the air.

“Foolish” wedding

Was months of stress in which failures leading to the altar received particular attention. infidelity, and spraincotton Sophie and voila, robbery … but nothing prevented the daughter of Isabelle Preisler and the businessman Gold brooch for their love story.

However, It wasn’t easy to get here.especially after the kiss burning man which jeopardized the obligation. “I realized that Tamara was my priority, that I was not going to put anything before Tamara and that she became the center of my life”was frank for the magazine.

In addition, Inigo Onieva admitted that his entourage I had no hope that they could reconcile, but that “being honest” he received the forgiveness of the Marquise de Grignon. Now, now they are husband and wife and son-in-law Isabelle Preisler, it is clear that Tamara is the woman of his life.

“This is pure light, pure good… It is magical, it is generous and there is no evil in it. These qualities are hard to come by, so once you find someone as pure as her, you’ll realize how lucky you are.”sentenced for Hello!.

Tamara Falko and Inigo Oniev before the wedding
Tamara Falko and Inigo Oniev before the wedding. Gtres

finishing touch

With this wedding, the great wedding of the year -it was made to beg-, gossip, setbacks and, above all, controversy is over. Although no one believed that this love story would end at the altar, so it was

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