new film commemorating Disney’s 100th anniversary

Desire is a new Disney movie. Photo: Disney

“Desire, the Power of Desire” it is an animated musical film The Walt Disney Company with which he will celebrate his 100th anniversary long and successful. It will be released in all cinemas around the world on November 23rd.

Near a story about wishes and starswith many refers to the legacy of the animated classics company, which focuses on the Middle Ages, on an island near the Iberian Peninsula.

Ribbon raises emotional story based on iconic characters WhatAnd They left their mark and an indelible mark on the lives of several generations of children and adults.

Mexican producer Juan Pablo Reyes, who is part of Wishassured at a fan and press meeting held at CDMX that disney studio it is a place of joy, inspiration, magic, opportunity and hope, where wishes come true.

Since 2018, we have started creating Wish

Creative director “Wish: The Power of Wish”, Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, Disney legend, with whom directed the films “Frozen”, started planning centenary Disney Animation and as Juan Pablo shared, they realized the privilege and the responsibility of this special moment.

“His creativity began to emerge as he asked questions like the best way to celebrate a century of storytelling and how to create a completely original story with original characters and songs while still being inspiring,” said the Guadalajara man.

For everyone involved in the project Disney 100th Anniversary It was important to respect the idea that all characters dream of something more: “when they need or want something important, at night they turn to the sky and start dreaming.”

Responsible for the script Jennifer Lee and Alex Moorethe songs were written Julia Michaels and Benjamin Rice.

“Julia is the youngest person to have written all the songs for Disney Animated Film, his story is very inspiring, because exactly 10 years ago he was part of the choir of the version “I am free” Demi Lovato in that frozen soundtrack and now he’s composing all the songs for the centenary film,” Reyes shared.

What is the movie “The Power of Desire” about?

“Wish: The Power of Wish” takes place in the era of fairy tales, in the period of the Middle Ages, before such fairy tales as Snow White, Sleeping Beauty. And “Cinderella”.

It develops in Rose Kingdom, a fictional location located on an island in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. This place is full of fantasy and is also known as the kingdom of desires because wishes can be magically fulfilled there.

On the outskirts of this magical kingdom lies rustic village where does the main character live Wishnear Asha (Ariana Bowles). An impulsive, intelligent, idealistic and resourceful 17-year-old girl, but above all, a person who cares deeply about the well-being of her community.

The film will show that it is not enough to have a wish in your heart and the adventure she will take will put her in opposition to one of the villains who has been a hero for many years. Rose Kingdom.

The central idea of ​​the film The fact is that there is no greater power in the universe than one who has a true desire in his heart, but history also recognizes that the stronger the desire, the more difficult the obstacles that must be overcome in order to achieve it.

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