New images of ‘Top Boy’, a successful Netflix series that will end very soon

The acclaimed series is back with another season that will decide who will be the leader of the Summerhouse. (Netflix)

After being rescued in 2019, the intense crime series best boy reaches its final result in Netflix. “No unfinished business” is the description of the trailer, which was shown a few days ago and showed the growing tension between the police and street gangs. The third season (or fifth if you count the first two parts on Channel 4) of a story starring and produced by Ashley Walters (Bulletproof) And Kane Kano Robinson (kitchen) will be released on September 7th.

“This is an opportunity to close the circle and complete the journey in the right way,” the actors said. G.K. when the production of a new batch of episodes was confirmed. It will be a saga-like epic that has taken viewers through the dark corners of the world of the drug trade in Summerhouse’s fictional Hackney neighborhood for several years.

The first four episodes of the season were directed by Miriam Raja. Will Stefan Smith was in charge of the last two episodes. (Netflix)

In the final stage, the fiction develops after the outcome of the second part, where the actions of Sally (Robinson) rewrote the rules of his business with Dushane (Walters). Now both have to deal with new conflicts, as everything they have built is threatened by forces both external and internal.

Joshua Blissett as Kieron in Season 3 of Top Boy. (Netflix)

New images published by the service streaming de la H introduces an all-star cast and also introduces new characters that are emerging in the dramatic story. Simbi Ajikawo, Jasmine Jobson, Saffron Hawking and Araloyin Oshunremi reprise their roles in best boyBye Barry Keoghan (Eternal) and Brian Gleason (Peaky Blinders) join the team on stage as Johnny and Tad, respectively.

Executive producers on this project include Drake, Adele “Future” Noor, LeBron James, Maverick Carter and Jamal Henderson. (Netflix)

Dushane and Sally lived by certain rules all their lives. However, at the last stage, these parameters are checked. The struggle for power, control and survival escalates, and the fate of each character hangs in the balance. As the third season marks the end of the series, both the cast and production team feel responsible for a conclusion that lives up to the hype.

Barry Keoghan joins the Top Boy cast for the final leg. (Netflix)

“Something as big as this has to end with an explosion, and that’s what we do. We all fight every day to provide our viewers with the most amazing ending we can,” Walters said. TODUM.

You can see new episodes best boy V Netflix as of September 7th.

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