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A romantic photo of American singer Selena Gomez and Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez caused a lot of comments on social networks of fans of both.

Through Instagram stories, the Latino-American shared a photo with a Venezuelan in which they eat very tightly together.

Couple actors?

No, at least that’s what the press says. The photograph corresponds to some of the recordings made in France for the film “Emilie Pérez” directed by Jacques Audiard.

The actors bonded professionally, turning it into a great friendship that transcended recordings on set.

While they remain professional and friendly above all else, many netizens believe the couple may have started a relationship after they went to a Beyoncé concert together in a European country.

Described as a comedy-drama, Emilia Perez follows the career of a Mexican lawyer who must help a dangerous mafia boss put his life of crime behind him, falling in love and sparking new adventures along the way. together.

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Selena Gomez novels

Justin Bieber’s ex-girlfriend at the beginning of the year was involved with former onedirection member Zayn Malik, with whom he was seen dining in New York restaurants.

The appointment of both singers took place last Thursday March 23 and one of the hostesses of the restaurant confirmed that both singers were very close to each other. This came to light from a Tik Tok video in which a user shared a screenshot of a conversation with his girlfriend, who claimed to be the couple’s hostess during dinner at the restaurant. “Selena Gomez and Zyan entered the restaurant hand in hand and I sat them down”can be read in conversation.

None of them confirmed the existence of any novel.

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