New (Unconfirmed) Details About Agatha: Chaos Coven

New details (unconfirmed) of what awaits us in Agatha: Chaos Coven

Although there will be no continuation Scarlet Witch and Vision in a certain way we will get it Agatha: Chaos Coven, So previously said from Marvel Studios. The series with Katherine Hahn as Agatha still doesn’t have a release date, aside from the fact that (theoretically) it will be in 2023, and it looks like it’ll run into a witch with Salem’s Seven.

As detailed by Daniel Ritchman (DanielRPK on X, formerly Twitter, with over 300,000 followers), this group of witches are “the daughters of witches from the Evanor Harkness clan who seek revenge for the murder of their mothers”, which has not been confirmed today for today Walt Disney or Marvel Studios. The truth is that production details are pretty scarce, and we can only assume Marvel Studios is keeping it under wraps.

Aubrey Plaza Premiere at Marvel Studios

What is known is that it is in this series that actress Aubrey Plaza will make her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which she spoke about but did not reveal anything. “Without saying anything, I had a great time,” the translator commented, “I also liked my character, and I think this is the most sublime Marvel material that exists. So it was great to jump into that world with these specific people.” For his part, Khan made his love for Agatha clear: “I love her very much. I mean, she’s a witch, and what could be more wonderful?

What unfortunately isn’t happening is that Elizabeth Olsen is returning as Wanda/Scarlet Witch, which seems complicated due to her disastrous end in Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness. Of course, on the other hand, we are talking about fiction and it is not surprising that disappeared/deceased/retired/exiled characters return to the pages of comics. Let’s face it, many years ago we would never have believed that Harrison Ford would return as Han Solo or that Kevin Conroy would play Bruce Wayne live.

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