NEWS | Uncharted Producer Wants Tom Holland Sequel

Tom Holland gave life to young Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg played Sally.

Having gone through a veritable hell during development with a parade of directors that exceeds the number of fingers on one hand, and a pandemic in between, the film unknown finally able to see the light in 2022. Tom Holland like a young man Nathan Drake And Mark Wahlberg How dirtythe video game adaptation received mixed reviews, but most importantly, it was a commercial success.

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It grossed $407 million worldwide with an initial investment of $120, demonstrating its possible potential as a franchise. But also, one of the manufacturers unknown assured that the desire to continue the adventure Nathan Drake on the big screen remains steady and that they are looking for a way to continue adapting the series playful puppy.

Charles Roven has produced other films such as Wonder Woman, American Hustle and most recently Oppenheimer.

In an interview with Hollywood Reporterproducer Charles Roven said the following: “We had a great time with this movie. The film really liked the fans, and people who knew nothing about the game, too. Therefore, we are determined to make another“.

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After the premiere, President and CEO sony picturesstated that Uncharted was “new successful film franchise for the company”, which led many to believe that the announcement of the continuation is inevitable. But while the studio has not officially launched the project.

Tom Holland has set his sights on his new project, a Fred Astaire biopic.

As for its main character, Tom Hollandthe actor was involved in the last part spiderman and he has another project on the agenda related to this universe. In addition, he was signed to a biopic about Fred Astaire.

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