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Frame from the movie “Barbie”.

Los Angeles, USA. Blockbuster Warner Bros. Barbie made about $93 million in theaters in the US and Canada this weekend and continues to solidify pink supremacy, industry columnist Exhibitor Relations reported Sunday.

Along with the Universal biopic Oppenheimer grossing $46.2 million in its second weekend, the two films provided a much-needed boost to the Hollywood summer in the Barbenheimer phenomenon.

“July would have been a warm month, but Barbie and Oppenheimer came along, the theater exploded, and within a week, July was back to its pre-pandemic average,” Franchise Entertainment’s analyst David A. Gross said. Research.

Last weekend, Barbie became the biggest box office opening of the year, grossing $80.5 million, a staggering number for a movie based on a plastic doll living in a perfect pink world.

WITH margot robbie How Barbie And Ryan Gosling like her boyfriend KenFilm about Greta Gerwig So far, North American ticket sales have totaled $351.4 million and overseas ticket sales have totaled $423 million.

“Openheimer”director Christopher Nolan, tells the story of the creation of the US atomic bomb. According to analyst Paul Dergarabedian, the film grossed $174.1 million domestically and $226 million overseas, making it one of the best in box office history.

Prime Minister in third place Disney “Enchanted Mansion” (also titled “The Haunted Mansion”) grossing $24.2 million, featuring Lakeith Stanfield, Tiffany Haddish and Owen Wilson.

Disney spent $150 million to produce the film, so it has a long way to go to break even, according to Variety.

Fourth place went to independent film “The Sound of Freedom”, from Santa Fe Films and Angel Studios, with $12.4 million. The low-budget action movie has sparked controversy, with critics saying its sex trafficking story plays a role in QAnon’s conspiracy theories.

And the holding firm in fifth place was “Mission Impossible – Death Sentence Part One”from paramount. This is the latest entry in the popular series Tom Cruise it grossed $10.7 million, giving the top five films hit double digits in the millions.

Completion of the top 10 list:

– “Talk to Me” ($10 million)

– Indiana Jones and the Call of Destiny ($4 million)

— Elements ($3.4 million)

– Night of the Demon: Red Door ($3.2 million)

– Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ($1.4 million)

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