Neymar criticized for eccentric requests in the Brazilian national team

Juninho Paulistaformer player and former coordinator brazil national teamit turned out that Neymar Jr seeks privileges during concentration canarina; However, he considers this to be normal since he is the best player on the team.

“He comes to the Brazilian team and is humanly normal, because he is at the same level as those players (for an Argentinian Lionel Messi and Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo) who is trying to get some kind of privilege, ”he told the portal ge.

The Paris Saint-Germain striker was in Brazil and shared a wish that excited Peixe fans.

Neymar asks for stupid things

Likewise, Paulista added that the star psg demand in brazil national team “stupid things that don’t hurt” the template’s work.

“Then we have to show him that in some situations everything is fine. Others, no. In most cases, he will do what all players do.

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Neymar had no control over Tite’s choice

Champion Copa Libertadores with São Paulo in 1993 explained that the rumors that neymar led a team under the command tightwho resigned after being eliminated in the quarter-finals Qatar World Cup 2022: “He always tried to cheer up and show what he thinks.”

“This is also our great merit. The generation is different from the previous one, it is different from mine, it is not “no, because”, there must be a basis.”

Neymar, Brazil striker

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“Of course, he’s much more of a technical leader, but he also manages that leadership off the pitch,” he said.

Neymar in a new scandal after a fight in a nightclub

neymar It goes from controversy to controversy. After rumors of alleged infidelity Bruna Biancardia new problem is added because a brazilian soccer player had an argument at a disco in brazil.

On the 10th of Brazil, he enjoys the last days of his vacation, returning to pszh, that he will face a radical reorganization of the composition in the new season, when Neymar can leave the club.

Neymar has a new scandal

Last weekend neymar was filmed in a nightclub in Rio de Janeiro during an argument with another man during the singer’s concert Tiaginho.

Neymar, who wore a white t-shirt and cap, shared with friends and his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi pleasant evening; however, he was involved in a heated discussion that included yelling and pushing. In addition, the guard had to intervene to calm the spirit between the player psg.

It is currently unknown what caused the fight, but neymar re-engaged in controversy.

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