Nicknames that Martinoli gave to footballers and colleagues from TV Azteca (PHOTO)

Cristian Martinoli has given several notable nicknames to footballers and his TV Azteca teammates. Instagram @cmartinolimx
Cristian Martinoli stood out in the Mexican media for his unique storytelling style, when he gave idiosyncratic nicknames to footballers and colleagues from TV Azteca. Instagram @cmartinolimx
From “Doctor” for Luis Garcia to “François Meme” and “Factor” for Guillermo Ochoa and Diego Laines respectively, the nicknames the communicator gave to various Mexican football personalities are well remembered. Instagram @cmartinolimx
FOOTBALL PLAYERS – GUILLERMO OCHOA: Cristian Martinoli has given the Mexican goalkeeper several nicknames due to different stages of his career. Twitter @miseleccionmx
The narrator named the goalkeeper “Francesco Guglielmo” and “Francois Meme” for his moves in football in Italy and France respectively, and “Ochoinski” for stopping Robert Lewandowski’s penalty at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Twitter @miseleccionmx
DIEGO LINES: The communicator called the striker “Factor” because of his time with the Mexico national team, as he gave the team a different face when he came on as a substitute. Twitter @miseleccionmx
HUGO SANCHES: In a conversation with the Aztec football legend, Martinoli revealed that he is called the “Maradona of the Mexicans” because of the impact he had with his success at Real Madrid. Twitter @FIFAcom
JESUS ​​CROWN: The narrator named the goalkeeper “Jesus Crown” for his outstanding performances for the Mexico national team, Cruz Azul and Tecos. Twitter @miseleccionmx
MIGUEL SABAH: The former Mexican striker spent his best years with Monarcas Morelia and Cruz Azul, in addition to being one of the narrator’s favorite players; He called him “The Man Without Fear” and “SabahDracula”. Screenshots – (YouTube)
URIEL ANTUNA: Martinoli named the striker “Brujo” because it seems like he got into the Mexico national team thanks to “magic art” in 2019. Twitter @miseleccionmx
Ángel Reyna: Because the footballer has been causing so much trouble for all the teams he has played for throughout his career, the narrator dubbed him “Lawsuits”. Instagram @angelreynaoficial
ORBELIN PINEDA: The communicator loves to play with languages ​​in his match narration, and since the ending “in” is pronounced “an” in French, that’s why he calls the player “Orbelan”. Twitter @miseleccionmx
RICHARD NUNEZ: The striker had good moves for Cruz Azula and Pachuca, for which Martinoli gave him the nickname “Super Richard”. Screenshots – (YouTube)
COMPAÑEROS DE TV AZTECA – LUIS GARCIA: He called his partner “divorce doctor” because he broke up with his partners several times, so during the broadcasts he started calling him “doctor”, and this nickname stuck. Instagram @cmartinolimx
JORGE CAMPOS: The exporter was an important part of the broadcast team and the narrator referred to him as “The Immortal Jorgito Campos” and “George Fields” when asking his opinion. Instagram @cmartinolimx
CARLOS GUERRERO: The communicator started calling his partner “Warrior” because that’s how his last name is translated into English, and that’s how everyone on the network knows him. Instagram @cmartinolimx
BONUS MEXICAN NATIONAL TEAM MATCHES: Cristian Martinoli called the El Tri games in the United States a “moletur” because he “compares” them to a concert tour in the music industry. Twitter @miseleccionmx

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