Nicolle Figueroa and Augusto Giménez announce their engagement; They call her ‘Nicolle Loaiza’

Much has been said about the controversy in which the Argentine tiktoker Augusto Jiménez has recently been involved. the ex-boyfriend of iamferv and current sentimental partner of the tiktoker Nicolle Figueroa, has been highly criticized after being accused of allegedly cheating on the mother of his son Zeus.

Regardless of whether or not the events in which Augusto Jiménez has been involved occurred, now what is making news and controversy is the unveiling of their engagement pictures with content creator from El Salvador, Nicolle Figueroa.

On the afternoon of Thursday, March 9, 2023, Nicolle Figueroa and Augusto Jiménez used their social profiles to spread some snapshots and videos about the marriage request that he arranged to surprise her on the beaches of Miami Florida.

From the US coast, Latino influencers participated in this moment in which Zeus’s mother wore a white dress and loose reddish hair for this occasion. Also dressed in light tones, Augusto proposed to his girlfriend and they both had the company of their eldest son, little Zeus, who was dressed to match his parents.


With you again and again, this and a thousand lives. I love you,” wrote Nicolle Figueroa along with four snapshots that she posted on her Instagram wall.

Right there and on TikTok it is where strong comments from users have been seen asking the content creator to allegedly open her eyes, the above due to the controversy in which Augusto has been involved and his alleged betrayal of her.


Nicol Loaiza and Augusto Pantoja”, “Coincidence that when the deceived woman is uncovered, she proposes marriage. There is my love, open your eyes, just as you open other things, you are a lot of mommy for this”, “Poor thing”, “My humble self all horny”, “He asks her to marry him after it was found out what he did to her, there is not Nikky , I like you, I admire you, but realize the narcissist that you got on top of, but well congratulations”, “I’ll give you a year”, “your husband still hasn’t gotten over his ex”, “friend, realize”, “Kimberly Nicolle Loaiza Figueroa”, “holding chunks anyone gets married”, are some of the many reactions that users have shared on the Salvadoran Instagram wall.

And it is that the amount of criticism regarding the controversy in which her now fiancé has been involved is notorious. Despite everything that is said, she is also a youtuber, she is willing to marry the father of her son. Comparisons with Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja have also been made due to the alleged situation of betrayal that existed between the two a while ago.
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This is how the means of criticism and strong controversies that the couple of content creators Sudamericana has decided to commit and make this decision public regardless of what others think of them.

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