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If you are a lover of the genre, surely you have already seen this adventure by Tom Cruise. And if not, we recommend it.

Original, fast-paced, with charismatic stars and a good dose of humor. These are the ideal ingredients for a good blockbuster and a good example is at the edge of tomorrow, the science fiction film starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt that was released in 2014. A great entertainment to see the movie star being beaten and killed by aliens in a continuous loop. Time has treated her very well and she is a good option for lovers of the genre, but her first steps did not bode well.

Maybe at the edge of tomorrow It is not a cinematographic milestone, but it is still a good film and a jewel to be rescued in the sea of ​​’streaming’ -it is available on HBO Max-. It is a hobby that is not too banal to be boring but does not require great mental performance either. What do we mean by this? That it is the best film to enjoy good cinema for those moments in which the body asks you to rest.

The plot is not too complex. After years of fighting the aliens that have invaded Earth, humans face a battle of the utmost importance. In the course of the conflict, Bill Cage (Cruise) dies and, without knowing how, he enters a time loop that will take him to the same day over and over again.. The experienced Bill must use his experience to try to change the outcome of the confrontation with the aliens.


Develop at the edge of tomorrow It was something close to a nightmare. Starting with his script. When screenwriter Dante Harper was commissioned to adapt Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s novel he saw it as “too complex”, but he accepted the challenge and spent the next eight months writing the script. A text that was changed almost entirely by Doug Liman, the director who took over the production. In a last resort move, with filming scheduled to begin in just two months, the studio hired Christopher McQuarrie to write the script.

When it was time to shoot, things didn’t get any better either. After the first day of shooting, Liman asked that everything they had recorded be repeated again, something that alerted the producers. At the same time, the beach scenes that were supposed to take two weeks ended up stretching out over three months.

Among other things, the team had to deal with the tricky British weather, which can change every 5 minutes. When you’re shooting a time loop where everything is supposed to happen on the same day, you can’t take any chances. Liman got over it by having two crews shoot seven days a week, without breaks. Knowing UK time, we don’t know how it was only 20 days past the expected calendar.

Warner Bros.

at the edge of tomorrow it ended up being a box office and critical success. was done with 370 million dollars collection, which is not bad, and the team was able to boast of good evaluations. The story, without having reinvented the genre or proposing anything radically different, manages to stand out for its freshness. It is a fun proposal and with good leading actors.

After its release, Edge of Tomorrow 2 quickly entered the debate. The audience wanted more, but the real reason is that Doug Liman, Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise had such a good experience that they wanted to do it again. The reality is that more than eight years have passed since its premiere and it seems that the project has remained in the drawer. Before speculating about its possible continuation -in film format or as a series, something that has been talked about lately-, enjoy again at the edge of tomorrow on HBO Max.

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