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At 23 years old, Miley Cyrus’ little sister has a promising musical career with millions of listeners. After overcoming an adolescence marked by mental health disorders and her addictions, she combines her musical success with her passion for fashion.

If there’s a more dangerous label in Hollywood than ‘wonder boy’, it’s ‘wonder boy’s little brother’. There are the cases of current stars like Elizabeth Olsen, Joaquin Phoenix or Kieran Culkin, who have spoken at length about how the global popularity of their older brothers –Mary Kate and Ashley, River Phoenix and Macaulay Culkin, respectively– made them guests stone of his own life, figures destined for perpetual shadow, collateral damage of families broken by the glare of glamor and money. They managed to overcome the circumstances, make their guts, catapult, and even end up becoming as renowned personalities –or more– than their precocious relatives. The latest to embark on this process of rebirth is Noah Cyrus, the youngest of the Miley Cyrus family, who is leaving behind an adolescence marked by addictions and mental health disorders to rise as a fashion icon at the height of the interpreter who today dominates the charts with her success Flowers.

While Miley hits the charts around the world, her sister makes her way into the fashion industry. Photo: Getty

“I just wanted to be a normal girl.” The 23-year-old has never tried to fake the “very hard” childhood that she had to experience as the youngest of one of the best-known families in Hollywood. Not only because of the global impact of her famous sister, but also because of her parents, Billy Ray and Tish, a famous country singer and music producer who divorced last year. “I had a really hard time with people coming up to me and saying, ‘Are you Miley Cyrus’ little sister?’ or ‘Are you Hannah Montana’s little sister?’ I didn’t like her because she stripped me of my own identity for a long time, ”she revealed in the magazine. rolling stones. During his adolescence, Noah suffered from body dysmorphia, a disorder related to the perception of one’s own physical image, as well as depression and anxiety.

Cyrus has debuted as an attendee at fashion weeks in style. Photo: Getty

In recent fashion weeks, the little Cyrus has captured the attention of the media, converted into a benchmark centennial Capable of capturing all flashes. Her bleached eyebrows in contrast to long black hair that reminds some of Morticia Addams and porcelain skin riddled with tattoos –she is over 35– have drawn the attention of Street style photographers, although they have been their bold looks the real protagonists. Cult firms such as Margiela or Patou mix in her wardrobe with young talents such as Marine Serre or the Asturian designer Arturo Obegero, creating an experimental and avant-garde style that makes her much more interesting than the average attendee at the front rows most coveted. Noah dares the same with a tight black dress by Stéphane Rolland that leaves her chest exposed that appears with her face covered by a white veil to match a dress by Robert Wun or plants a meme design from the incipient firm Colors .

This latest padded creation, which some have compared to living inside a pile of stacked tires, is perhaps the best example of the risks that the young woman is willing to take to define a style that is as subversive as it is her own, in which other firms such as Victor are also participating. Weinsanto, Off-White, Pressiat or Undercover. The stylist Lyn Alyson, responsible for the aesthetics of other artists like Halsey, is in charge of building a stylistic personality in which Noah herself has the last word. “We send each other inspirational photos all the time,” she explained to the magazine. Paper. “For Paris fashion week, we looked for pieces that we knew would make a difference. Noah is able to put on anything and make it look effortless. It’s literally a dream.” Fashion has become the singer’s best tool to express her personality and stand out from her sister’s.

Just five years ago, Noah was entering the “darkest period” of his short life. To treat anxiety and depression, he began taking Xanax, a benzodiazepine that his girlfriend at the time was also taking and whose name Noah has not wanted to reveal. Encouraged by her partner, Cyrus became addicted at the age of 18. Her memory failed her even in the most recent episodes, she wasn’t even able to remember what day she lived on and she had suicidal thoughts. “I wanted to fit in with him. I wanted to be what he wanted and what he thought was cool, what he thought everyone else was doing (…) I felt for a moment that it was possible to silence everything for a second and numb my pain, to be able to say ‘It’s over’, he confesses . Everything changed after the death of her maternal grandmother, when she realized her inability to accompany her family in mourning for being “gone”. At the end of 2020, she began a rehabilitation process that culminated in the release of her album The Hardest Part in autumn of last year, the end of “a healing process” that marks her future as a solo singer.

Cyrus sat in the front row of the Alexandre Vauthier show. Photo: Getty

The debut album, which was rated higher than any other album released by her older sister by specialized critics, is her way of channeling the vital episodes that have marked her career. Although her name may still be far from Miley’s in the minds of public opinion, the truth is that she already has several singles that exceed hundreds of millions of views on platforms like Spotify. A pop work in which she offers details of her country roots and her folk influences to tell the ups and downs of her troubled career in a positive way. “When I lost my grandmother and got out of that toxic relationship, I was gone both emotionally and physically. So I weighed my options: life or death. I wanted to find purpose and hope. I chose life and now I am experiencing happiness and joy for the first time since I was a child”, admits the artist in the magazine V. Her first fan, and a pillar in her recovery, is Miley herself, who doesn’t hesitate to throw all the ‘flowers’ at her: “Noah is my favorite revelation artist. And not because he is my little sister but because of his way of writing and his awareness of who he is as an artist. When I reflect on the records I made when I was her age, I feel like there was a disconnect between me and my music, but Noah has always been consistent with who she really is. She is my favorite artist”.

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