Nobody saved, Cristiano Ronaldo opens ban for bleeding in Europe: Klopp, first goal

Summer market 2023. will go down in history as the one in which Saudi Arabia He entered like a bull into a china shop to sign countless important players in European football. Money coming from Middle East caused a large exodus of players to the side Saudi Professional Leaguein motion, which Cristiano Ronaldo was a pioneer and it added level stars Benzema, Neymar or Gabry Veiga. And according to reports Fine, soon Mohamed Salah.

If there was not enough money … a new injustice appeared

When it seemed like the only advantage teams had Saudi Arabia in that they play for endless money, they have added a new opportunity that has so far gone unnoticed, but which is proving to be an even greater danger for European clubs. And that’s what The Saudi Arabian transfer market will close on September 7th.thereby causing week of terror in European teamsthat if they lose the football player, they will not have the opportunity to obtain an exemption from guarantees.

Right now, no team is safe. The whims of Saudi football are quite unexpected and at any moment can create an explosive wave that will put an end to the stability of any team, no matter how powerful it may be.

In this line Liverpool hardest hit by Saudi money attacks. He Al Ittihad fell in love with him signing of Mohamed Salah accompany Karim Benzema ahead and They came to offer an amount close to 175 million euros.. The real madness Merseyside proposals rejected at first instancebut this is reported Fine, could eventually agree, because the player is already going to Jeddahthe capital of an Arab country.

In this sense, Jurgen Klopp was the first major casualty of the Saudi Pro League’s late market shutdown. and may be the first of many to be affected by the impact of Saudi money on the last days of their market and the days after the closure of the main European transfer marketswhich ended on September 1st.

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