Not even Yosco Guardiol is saving City from a revolution

In England, they do not believe what happened inside Manchester City.. When a team becomes a three-time champion, most often there is little change in its composition, since it turns out to be by far the best in the world. However, Pep Guardiola does not understand how to keep the team stable and He took four exits that will be very painful for the team. and they could cost the Catalan coach some displeasure.

Farewell to three consecrated stars and a jewel

Pep Guardiola always distinguished by his philosophy only those players who are fully committed to the club. Team coach City He does not want hostility to arise within the team. However, the result of winning the historic trio and losing four stars it’s not something that suits every club. Especially, if the team captain and the best winger in the world are among the dead.

Confronted with this situation, there is no doubt confusion. Erling Haaland, from which several of her best partners left. The Norwegian was well associated with Ilkay Gundogan and paired very well with Cole Palmer, Canselu and Mahrez.who, through their style, created a superiority that Haaland he took advantage whenever he could. In this sense, to lose players of this level and with such a good fit. This could shake up the city, which will have to adapt well to new players.

Galactic signatures, but are they enough?

The emergence of such big names as Guardiol, Doku, Nunez and Kovacic calmed the water etihad, where they needed the illusion to recover from the heavy losses that had devastated their team. However, No one came to replace Cansela on the team.there is no profile similar to Portuguese, a disadvantage that, in those less clear days of those who attacked the City, much could be seenFine I cancel He was the perfect player to get the upper hand over opponents more locked in his third of the field.

So, very surprising Manchester city marketwhich resulted in a lot of changes in the roster of important players, which is inappropriate for teams that have had great seasons.

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