old rockers never die

There are things that never change Even over the years. Flowers and books in Sant Jordi, Christmas gifts, hot summers and leg quality of old rockers like Toni Kroos and Luka Modricwho never lose their magic.

The match against Getafe was proof of that. both playerswho have dominated the playing field for years with an iron fist and won all the titles that have been and have been, they still have a few dances to dance. Though age passes them by they are still different in certain contexts, because they have not lost the class they have held dear since childhood. I said Ancelotti:”They are better and they will continue to be important. The only thing is that they will have a different role.”

New role for both

With the creation of a new midfielder consisting of Chuameni, Camavinga and Fede Valverde, it is obvious that the role of Kroos and Modric is relegated to the background. This does not mean that they will become less important, but their functions will change. Basically it’s about find a favorable context for them in which they can continue to demonstrate their quality, Penhancing its strengths and minimizing its weaknesses.

This advantageous situation arises because not too open in midfield, which could lead to their superiority, as in the match against Manchester City. The other day in the match against Getafe, this was evident. Both played most of the match Chuamen cover their backs. Kroos worked inside, leaving aside a key position that requires him to constantly walk back and forth across the field. In this position, and with Modric as a companion, they are capable of subdue most commandsand much more in matches with absolute control and deprotection of the opponent, like last Saturday, where a stronger passing accuracy.

Real Madrid midfielders.

And the thing is, despite not starting in the first three games, the season is very long and it was shown that both would have important minutes. even more with victims white kit and tightness of the calendar (matches every three days after the return of the break). It is assumed that under such management, these two will arrive. with fresh feet and the best result at the end of the campaignwhere headers are distributed.

Both at eleven o’clock

One proof that they still have more to say on the pitch is that Both Kroos and Modric are in last day’s perfect eleven matches.According to SofaScore. The German has an average score of 8.4 compared to 7.4 for the Croat. The latter returned to ownership after three games on the bench.

Luka Modric vs Getafe stats.

Against the background of the blue box, you could see the “10” of Madrid. bypassing the right inner flank. He was ubiquitous, stealing balls and creating play for the white team. Luke got Passing accuracy 93%, with three effective long offsets. In addition, from the already mythical appearance of his boot, a backache appeared, which, after the rebound, made the score 1-1 for Joselu.

But without any doubt Toni Kroos revolutionized the game from the bench.. The German medium completely changed the image of Real Madrid in just 45 minutes. He took the reins of government into his own hands and He moved the whites to the sound of his club. He made a repetition of passes behind the back of the defense (with Accuracy 94% and 7 offsets in length). He was able to finish the match with a real goal, but his shot hit the woods.

Kroos passes statistics against Getafe.

However, it has been more than demonstrated that, even while on the bench or playing another role, Kroos and Modric are still ready for big dates. They still have days and nights that impress Real Madrid fans with their unmistakable and incomparable resources. They still have songs they can play ’cause old rockers never die.

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