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Get ready for a unique horror experience on Netflix. This gory teen slasher combines the best of the world of Stephen King and franchises like Scream in a chilling plot that invites the viewer to discover the latest revelation.

From cry from Wes Craven to Final destination James Wong experiencing happy day of your death Christopher Landon L.Juvenile slashers is a sub-category that focuses on the experiences of young adults and teenagers facing situations of terror and survival. These films are characterized by the fact that the main characters represent a group of young people, usually at school, university or on vacation.

Young slashers often explore topics such as adolescence, sexuality, rebellion, and confronting a masked killer or death threat. This sub-category became particularly popular in the 1990s and 2000s and has influenced pop culture and contemporary horror films. One of the latest offerings of this genre is available on Netflix (a platform that currently offers games such as Agent Stone with Gal Gadot Selected Everardo Goat and great seduction Celso R. Garcia).

Crime Readers Club is Netflix’s new teen slasher

Near Crime Readers Club, a film directed by Carlos Alonso Ohea that follows a young aspiring best-selling writer Angela (Veki Velilla) and her misfit book club. They meet at the last minute at a party out of the public eye at their school, discussing serial killers and ghost stories. When Angela has an unfortunate run-in with a teacher after school hours, the club comes to her rescue with a revenge plan that goes awry. Now they are all accomplices and share a terrible secret, as in I know what you did last summer.

Only this time, it’s not a cloaked figure with a metal hook, but a psycho in a clown mask attacking book club members one at a time.. Like many Stephen King films, such as What And Carrie, Crime Readers Club uses elements of the juvenile slasher genre in its plot. Characteristics in common with the author glow it is the presence of a group of young heroes who face a terrifying threat. These teenage characters will have to fight an unknown creature in everyday situations.

Visually, the film (which also stars Priscila Delgado and Carlos Alcaide) is compelling. The coloration is extensive, with emerald eyes glowing in contrast to the scarlet blood pooling around the victim’s head. operator Paul Ten demonstrates keen vision while creating graphic death sequences as statues of Don Quixote impale victimsand sharp spatial awareness, which serves the dual function of keeping the detective story going.

According to the Netflix official website, Crime Readers ClubDuring the last week of August, it ranked 3rd in the list of the top 10 non-English language films in the world.. Although it failed to chart in the US top 10 and also failed to chart in Mexico, it did chart in eight countries, including its native Spain, where it debuted at number four on August 26 and peaked at number one the following day. . .

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